Sunline Won the New Core Banking Project for Jinhua Bank, Empowering the Digital Transformation of the Bank
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The “Guidance on Digital Transformation of Banking and Insurance Industries” issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) clearly stated that by 2025, the digital transformation work should achieve obvious results and in order to achieve this goal, commercial banks must go all out to advance their step-by-step plans. The construction of a new core banking system is a powerful measure for Jinhua Bank to drive transformation and upgrades through financial technology and recently, Sunline won this project with years of professional experience and innovation.

Sunline continues to innovate, keeps up with the development trend of the banking industry, and continuously innovates and iterates its core business system. From the first-generation self-developed bank integrated business system, SunLTTS V3 launched in 2003, to the country's first "microservices + unitized" new-generation distributed banking core system SunLTTS V8, Sunline’s core banking systems have served many banks and have been highly praised as well as always being at the forefront of the core field of banks.

After winning the project for Huzhou Bank, the project for Jinhua Bank has marked half of the core market in Zhejiang. Sunline can provide personalized business disassembly and functions for different customers based on the "microservices + unitized" architecture, on the basis of seamless connection with domestic databases development to meet the different customized needs of each bank and become their effective partner on the road to realizing innovation and digital transformation.

"True gold is never afraid of the fire". In the many years of cooperation with Sunline, Jinhua Bank has recognized and trusted its products, solution capabilities, and team delivery capabilities.

Founded in December 1997, Jinhua Bank currently has 7 branches, 1 village bank, and 109 business outlets in Zhejiang Province, and has achieved full coverage of financial outlets in central Zhejiang.

After comparing the solutions and services of a few vendors, the Bank has chosen to collaborate with Sunline once again, to help the transformation of Jinhua Bank again through the upgrade of the Bank’s legacy core.

This time, two parties join hands again to open up a new win-win situation. The second collaboration is based on the good reputation of Sunline's core banking system in the market. Through the construction of the new core banking system, Jinhua Bank will be able to respond to market changes and customer needs more efficiently and seizes market opportunities with flexible products, pricing, and marketing, ultimately achieving its digital transformation goals.

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