The Full Demonstration of the Advantages of Sunline's Value Management Platform
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In the digital age, information management technology promotes the reformation of the management concepts, management methods, and management systems of commercial banks. Driven by internal and external factors such as intensified competition and value maximization, commercial banks have shifted the focus towards comprehensive value management. Recently, Sunline won the Bank of Jilin’s Management Committee project to construct the Bank’s entire value management system with the company’s comprehensive platform.

Sunline’s comprehensive value management platform is an independently developed solution to help banks achieve the integration of data, products, and applications, realizing the bank's management and business goals through value discovery and creation. Bank of Jilin launched the management committee implementation project to achieve a high degree of compliance with the refined management objectives.

Bank of Jilin is the only city commercial bank in Jilin Province with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion. It has 11 branches and 377 business outlets in 9 cities and prefectures in Jilin Province, Shenyang, and Dalian, and initiated the establishment of 10 village banks, 1 A loan company, and a stake in FAW Auto Finance. As of the end of September 2021, the net profit for the bank was RMB 1.364 billion. In the 2021 ranking of the top 1000 global banks by the British Banker Magazine, Bank of Jilin ranked 257th in the global banking industry in terms of tier 1 capital.

This time, the Bank of Jilin implemented a full-featured module under the management accounting system in the form of a single project bidding. The construction content includes index market, multi-dimensional profit analysis, performance evaluation, comprehensive budget management, internal fund transfer pricing, cost allocation, functional modules such as revenue sharing, comprehensive budgeting, and asset-liability management, which are extremely challenging for vendors.

Not only the implementation manufacturers are required to have rich case accumulations, but also mature product systems and strong integration capabilities to control the above functional modules. Sunline stood out from other vendors with advanced value management platform concepts and strengths, and professional implementation teams.

Sunline will formulate a comprehensive management and management solution for Bank of Jilin, providing the bank with a comprehensive financial, performance, risk analysis, and management framework that can monitor various banking institutions, products, lines, channels, customers, and account managers, dimensional performance, tracking profit trends, cost structure, risks, and other key factors, assisting banking business planning, performance evaluation/assessment, product pricing, and risk management, etc., to improve the level of refined operation and management, ultimately maximizing value for the Bank.

Sunline’s comprehensive value management platform helps commercial banks realize the transformation from scale-oriented to value-oriented, qualitative decision-making to quantitative decision-making, extensive marketing to precision marketing, and passive pricing to active pricing with the main objective of refining management.

Winning the Bank of Jilin’s Management Committee project marks another major practice of Sunline to help commercial banks with refined management and digital management committees and the company's far-reaching intentions to continue empowering the digitalization of the country’s financial industry.

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