Sunline Won the 2021 Digital Technology Integration Innovation Application Solutions and Technology Innovation Awards
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Recently, the Cyber Security Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced winners of the innovative application solutions for digital technology integration of 2021. Sunline's "distributed core banking system" was awarded "2021 Digital Technology Integration Innovation Application” under the “Solutions” and “Technology Innovation” fields with its advanced technology and industry demonstration.

This event was hosted by the Network Security Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as the Information Center Technology Innovation and Application Collaboration Group. Nearly 700 effective solutions from hundreds of companies participated in the evaluation. Five-dimensional driving forces and implementation service abilities in terms of technological advancement, business support capabilities, application demonstration effects and industrial contribution were considered. The selection process took four months to run through a total of 126 typical solutions, 30 excellent practice cases and 62 individual innovation cases. This award aims to provide directional guidance for the promotion of new technologies and applications, to help the transformation and upgrading of informatization and digital technology application.

Sunline has always focused on financial technology innovation, taking the lead in launching the first new generation distributed banking core business system in China, giving new vitality to the digitalization of the financial industry, and continuously injecting innovative momentum into the development of digital technology applications.

Under the wave of innovation-driven era, Sunline's new generation distributed banking core business system supports a new ecological operating environment, fully integrates with operating systems, databases, ARM chip servers and storage, etc., and comprehensively builds a new ecosystem of core systems to accelerate the promotion of my country's financial Industry letter creation process.

At present, the solution has helped many financial institutions such as Ping An Bank, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, China CITIC Bank, Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank and others, playing an advanced demonstration effect in the localization application of the financial industry with significant milestones in the field of domestic financial credit innovation.

With the intensive introduction of relevant documents such as the "14th Five-Year Plan”, and the in-depth application of new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, the process of technological innovation and industrial application integration in the advancement of the innovation-driven industry is underway. In the future, Sunline will continue to promote the transformation of financial information technology as its own responsibility, continue to promote the implementation of the full-stack domestic core business system in more financial institutions, break through the bottleneck issues of financial information technology, and inject strong impetus into the innovation-driven industry, to ultimately realize the independence and controllable security of national financial information.

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