2021 Sunline's Digital Financial Business | Creating an Entire Innovation Driven Ecosystem
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In line with the "Financial Technology Development Plan (2022-2025)" recently issued by the People's Bank of China emphasizes that we must adhere to innovation-driven development, Sunline has always stuck to our original goals to earnestly fulfill the mission of serving the real economy, promote high-quality digital transformation for the financial industry and drive the development of the digital economy. The modern financial system contributes financial strength to the construction of a new development pattern and the realization of common prosperity.

In 2021, Sunline integrated core systems, digital finance, and other businesses with financial business scenarios to build a new development pattern that enables more efficient empowerment of the digital transformation of banking business systems as well as promotion of the transformation of banking credit creation. Looking back on 2021, the development of Sunline's digital financial business can be summarized as "dual-aspects, multi-faceted, and one-ecosystem".

Technology engine

"Dual-aspects " - the two core foundations of Sunline's core system, providing a fertile ground for the rapid development of Sunline's digital financial business.

1. Unified "microservices + unitized" distributed core technology architecture

Sunline has led the development of the core system of banks for two decades and has built the only core system in the banking industry that realizes "microservices + unitized" architecture, focusing on the gradual transformation from a robust and reliable "steady state" to support massive data and pulse-type business processing based on the required "sensitive" unitized distributed technology and business architecture.

The distributed core technology architecture has the advantages of flexible deployment and unlimited dynamic expansion, realizing customer-centricity, financial productization, interest rate marketization, and data service standardization, ultimately realizing full support of the rapid development of the online and offline integrated business as well as meeting the rapid product iteration. At present, it has been applied in many banks and has been recognized by major state-owned banks. It is an inevitable trend for the development of the core system of banks in the future.

2. Unified development process

In terms of technical architecture, a new development process is adopted to reconstruct the business model, which makes the development of the bank's complex system simpler and better integrates business and technology.

Market Butterfly Change

"Multi-faceted" - On the basis of a unified technology full stack and unified development process, the digital financial business line has reshaped the core system, credit card core system, credit system, payment system, etc., and achieved an important stage in 2021’s progress.

1. New transition of the core system

In 2021, the new core technology platform project of a large state-owned bank, the unitized deployment components of a large state-owned bank, and the digital supply chain financial service project have all entered the batch launch or are in the final production preparation stage.

Sunline has innovated a new project methodology for the implementation of the banking system in practice, and built a professional team with new thinking to meet the higher requirements and challenges of large bank projects, fully and flexibly allocate resources and maximize team effectiveness.

Relying on the innovation ability and senior industry accumulation of each team, Sunline deeply participates in the new core construction of a large state-owned bank. In the journey of Sunline to a safe and controllable state-owned bank, every successful delivery is growth and evidence of transformation.

After precipitating the experience of the technology platform of major banks, Sunline extracts stronger core system capabilities to greatly improve market competitiveness as well as influence and lead the development of the industry.

2. New breakthroughs in multi-layered banks

In the core field of banking, Sunline has always been in a leading position, and its customers cover nearly 100 state-owned and policy banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, provincial rural credit, Hong Kong and Macau banks, private banks, virtual/direct sales banks, etc. It is an ideal partner for the digital transformation of various banks.

Equal Ocean mentioned in an analysis report on the core system of banks that in terms of the number of core systems in the past five years, Sunline has occupied half of the country in the field of city commercial banks, and is gradually infiltrating more major banks.

Winning bids for new core system construction projects such as Gansu Rural Credit Bank and trillion-level city commercial banks, and the commissioning of new core systems for Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank, etc., are all the continuous efforts of the down-to-earth and step-by-step development of Sunline’s core banking system to advance the development and lead industry competitiveness.

3. New channels for credit card core system

In the past two years, the credit card core system of China's banking industry has entered a new round of innovation and upgrading cycles. Sunline has developed the core systems for large state-owned banks’ credit card business, creating many benchmarking projects in the core credit card fields such as Ping An Bank and China CITIC Bank with leading technology of unitized distributed architecture.

Minsheng Bank’s Credit Card Business was the first credit card center to start the relocation of the Yinshu Custody System, which has a wide range of market demonstration effects and brand communication effects. Combining practical experience and industry development trends, Sunline takes the winning of its consulting project as the entry point and is ultimately awarded the implementation, opening up full-stack services from consulting to design demand, development, testing, online, and reception.

In addition, the two key systems of credit card core system authorization and card issuance of the Bank of Communications, which was developed by Sunline, have also entered the final production preparation stage.

Sunline is promoting the digital upgrade of the bank's credit card system with milestone projects.

4. New Layout of Direct Banking

In 2021, Sunline will deploy in the field of independent legal person direct sales banking, which is an innovative move to build an ecosystem.

A major state-owned bank's direct-selling bank project was launched

The bank has launched a business system group consisting of 13 systems based on enterprise-level architecture. Sunline is responsible for all-around middle-office support including business middle-office, technology middle-office, data middle-office, operation middle-office, and risk middle-office. The number of systems accounts for 90% of the total system construction requirements of the bank.

Sunline builds the channel between business and information technology through enterprise information technology architecture planning, realizes the effective integration of business strategy and informatization construction, supports tens of millions of customer capacity and the average daily transaction volume of one million with advanced technical architecture to scale as the bank’s business development, ultimately realizing the bank’s goal of building a light-duty smart bank, serving "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers", helping small and micro businesses, and benefiting the general public.

The direct banking project of a joint-stock commercial bank went online

The digital bank is positioned as a pure online business. Its business goals are to take root in inclusiveness and to emphasize financial digitization with no physical outlets, and purely online operations.

Based on a deep understanding of the banking business, Sunline has made all-round innovations from the three dimensions of platform ecology, application architecture, and business model, helping the bank to make use of digital technology to innovate service models, so that its business models and market strategies are always centered on users. Continuous observation of user demand dynamics, constant negotiation with external partners, and insight into undiscovered needs in the market are important practices of Sunline in scene finance.

Sunline took the lead in proposing the core concept of the Internet in 2015. On the basis of the traditional banking core system, it has carried out Internet-based and digital upgrades, focusing on business innovation, reshaping the infrastructure, strengthening capacity building, building platforms, strengthening services, and cultivating scenarios that focused on user value.

The launch of the two direct-selling banks is the perfect "answer sheet" for Sunline's digital transformation, creating a new situation in the construction of a new smart bank.

Innovative-driven ecosystem

"One-ecosystem" - Sunline has continuously achieved remarkable results in banks in different circles such as large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, and provincial rural credit in the field of credit innovation.

In 2021, Sunline has made remarkable achievements in innovation-driven full ecological construction and achievements with the ability to combine various operating environments to accelerate the application process of financial innovation.

Sunline and Huawei have joined forces, and successively released Huawei Cloud GaussDB joint solution, integrated data asset joint solution, and distributed new core joint solution, covering core systems, big data, and other business fields. Banks have been rapidly promoted and implemented, enabling digital transformation and upgrading with the full stack of financial technology innovation. In addition, the depth and breadth of the cooperation between Sunline and Huawei have been continuously upgraded, and continuous efforts have been made in open-source communities, overseas expansion, etc. The two parties will continue to work together to promote ecological integration.

Sunline and Tencent focused on the field of financial technology, launched a joint solution of distributed core system & Tencent TDSQL, jointly pioneered the field of credit innovation in China's banking industry, and created the first domestic bank core system software and hardware to be independently controlled. The core business systems include benchmark projects of domestic databases and have been put into operation in WeBank, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, Ping An Bank, Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank, and other banks.

Under the development pattern of China based on the domestic big cycle and promoting the dual cycle, Sunline is forming a multi-party open and cooperative full-chain ecosystem with its rich practice in independent innovation and safe and controllable application of core systems, and actively builds a full-chain ecosystem based on the entire financial scene. secure and controllable ecosystem.


Sunline has been leading the innovation of the bank's core system for two decades, maintaining a high and high standard rate, and developing all the way through the circle. The hard-core strength is obvious to all. With the blessing of the big bank projects in 2021, the organization's technology, solutions, and personnel capabilities have achieved leaps and bounds development.

At present, the only core system in the banking industry to achieve "microservices + unitized" architecture fully meets the requirements of the banks' future developments.

The project team has access to various levels of banking service experience and has a deep understanding of various scales of the banking business

Sunline focuses on the deep integration of technology and business, has a leading enterprise-level structure, builds a moat for sustainable development for banks, and rides on the express train of digital acceleration, heading for a new 2022.


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