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In January 2022, the "Fintech Development Plan (2022-2025)" issued by the People's Bank of China clearly stated that accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions, strengthening the prudential supervision of financial technology as the mainline, injecting digital elements into the whole process of financial services, and integrating digital thinking through the entire chain of business operations, focusing on the technological drive and data empowerment of financial innovation.

In 2021, based on multiple regulatory requirements such as new accounting standards and tax laws, Sunline has integrated digital thinking into all business sectors of smart financial management business, helping customers achieve digital and intelligent innovation and transformation of financial management systems and promoting new financial accounting service model.

Zhou Lan, General Manager of Sunline’s Smart Financial Management Business expressed, "Sunline provides advanced IT systems for users in the financial industry and with Sunline Smart Financial Management Solution, contributes value to customers in the fields of 'business finance', 'shared finance', and 'strategic finance', especially in terms of the management accounting system. The system approves, controls, and analyzes nearly 100 billion expenses annually and supports more than 100,000 employees to conduct collaborative accounting processing through the system. Many major financial institutions use Sunline's comprehensive system for strategic control, budget preparation, marketing incentives, and full staff assessment."

In the past year, Sunline's smart financial management business has achieved fruitful results in terms of market development and business innovation.

Market development

2021 is a great development for Sunline's smart financial management business. The general ledger, performance management, financial management, asset management, budget management, management accounting, and other system businesses have thrived, winning more than 30 customer projects and successfully helping more than 50 customers go live.

Major banks

Sunline's smart financial management business has continued its outstanding performance in the major banks and has forged more profound skills in the project implementations for these banks.

1. State-owned bank

Won the performance management project for a large state-owned bank and successfully put it into production in the same year, helping improve the refinement and intelligence level of its internal and external performance appraisal management and value analysis.

2. Joint-stock bank

Won the management accounting project of a joint-stock listed bank, gradually advancing bank management accounting from the engine measurement stage to the deepening application stage, and continuously enriching the application practice of bank management accounting.

3. Provincial rural credit

The provincial rural credit market is still the highlight of Sunline's smart financial management business. A unified accounting platform has been established for rural credit in a certain province, the operation and maintenance pressure of core and other major business systems have been greatly reduced, and business innovation has become more agile with enterprise-level and mid-level accounting processing laying the foundation for the digital transformation of the bank's overall IT structure.

4. City commercial bank

Sunline's smart financial management business has begun to show its leading position in the field of city commercial banks, and customer satisfaction has been incessantly improved with each delivery.

The new generation financial management system for Bank of Chengdu

The system realizes the full life cycle management of expenses, improves the integration ability, realizes the whole process connection, avoids information islands, and provides a high-value business-finance penetrating data foundation for cost and expense analysis, enabling Chengdu Bank to be the first in Southwest China to truly become the financial institution with integrated cost management, control of business and finance and the benchmark in the follow-up financial model transformation of Southwest China.

General ledger system for Bank of Nanjing

Successfully replaced foreign systems, enabling it to successfully achieve the first-stage goal of domestic innovation. While improving the efficiency of daily general ledger management, a lightweight financial data mart has been constructed to accelerate the consolidation of group accounts and the issuance of annotated reports, achieving refined financial management goals such as financial analysis, data change analysis, and early warning.

New generation intelligent financial system for Zhejiang Tailong Bank

Undertakes business systems, distributes management applications, closely interconnects data with a large number of systems to realize business and financial integration through scene-based management of expenses, providing high-value and penetrating business data for business decision-making.

5. Rural commercial bank

The momentum of Sunline's smart financial management business in rural commercial banks is still strong.

Comprehensive budget system for Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank

The comprehensive budget system of Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank was successfully launched, realizing the comprehensive budget management system of "full content, full process, and full organization". The budgeting and analysis efficiency provide the impetus for the bank's strategic transformation.

Management accounting system for Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank

The Construction of a management accounting system for Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank with data mart as the base and FTP\CA\PA as the specific management tool comprehensively enhances the refined management capabilities of Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank, improving the scientific and timeliness of its business decisions.

The asset management industry is promising

Sunline's smart financial management business started in the banking industry, serving hundreds of banking customers and gradually entering into the market of asset management companies, consumer finance companies, factoring companies, fund companies, and other non-bank financial institutions and investment companies.

In 2021, the financial management team of Sunline won the bid for the comprehensive business management system construction project of Shenzhen Asset Management. Sunline combines the current situation of Shenzhen's asset demand and structure planning with the market's advanced technical means to build a comprehensive business management system solution that conforms to the development of Shenzhen's asset business. The solution supports the microservices of business components and has strong scalability, stability, and business adaptability. It can quickly respond to business innovation or changes, and fully empower the informatization and digital development of Shenzhen Asset Management.

Sunline adheres to customer-centricity and has established a good reputation in the industry with advanced microservices, distributed technology, and rich experience in asset management project implementation, winning the projects for Henan Assets, Guangzhou Assets, etc., showing Sunline's deep precipitation in the asset management industry, and its role as an industry benchmark.

The innovation in the scheme and technology of the Guangzhou Assets Personal Loan Project fills the gap in the intelligent management of personal non-performing assets, which is a milestone in the field of asset management.

The implementation of asset microservices in Henan has opened up a new wave of microservices in the asset management business and provided a constructive reference for the subsequent digitalization and informatization transformation of related fields.

Product innovation

Under the transformation trend of financial digital transformation, the separation of finance and business has brought many problems to the operation of enterprises. Opening up business and financial data and reconstructing the management model of business-financial integration have become an important joint of reform.

After years of development, Sunline has developed 13 smart financial management product suites with completely independent intellectual property rights based on advanced foreign experience and domestic business management practices and has applied for software copyrights for them.

In 2021, based on new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, mobile internet, and cloud computing, Sunline realized the trinity of "strategic finance", "business finance" and "shared finance" at the product level. Sunline has created the era of transaction-level general ledger functions in the banking industry, and further pioneered the management concept, structure, and products of "mid-end accounting", continuing to innovate in various business fields:

1. Enterprise-level accounting center

Provides unified, accurate, and timely accounting and processing capabilities for various bank businesses; both "tight" and "loose" business and financial integration, from "one account for bank-wide accounting" to "one account for bank-wide value accounting", realizing stronger accounting reporting capabilities.

2. Intelligent financial management

Realizes intelligent identification and filling of forms on the employee side, intelligent risk control and smart entry on the financial side, efficient and rapid approval and intelligent analysis on the leadership side, improving the management and operation efficiency of the bank in an all-rounded way, strengthen risk control, and create new value.

3. Performance Management

Based on "three-dimensional, intelligent and visual" value management, it fills the gap of lack of intelligent analytical performance in the market and leads the development trend of bank performance management.

4. Budget management

With the help of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, smart decision support is provided around the operating elements of financial institutions, which helps financial institutions better manage resources intensively and empower business management, improving business decision-making capabilities.

5. Management accounting

It is the first in the industry to propose a complete business solution for digital management accounting, build a theoretical system and implementation path for digital management accounting. This theoretical system helps to promote the practice of digital transformation of commercial banks, improve the efficiency of management accounting tools and lead the transformation of the theoretical system of management accounting in the industry to become a leader in the industry.

Sunline's smart financial products regard bank operation and management as a systematic whole and realize "four integrations", namely: standard data integration, product function connectivity, management application collaboration, and interactive experience optimization. It has developed a comprehensive product design, formed a management collaboration of "strategy-organization-process-performance", completely solved the dilemma of the construction of an island-type management information system faced by banks, and continued to help commercial banks build a core management system with the characteristics of China's banking industry.

In addition, in order to meet the market demand for the localization of domestic innovation, the business line of Sunline Smart Financial Management will start the work of adapting the technology platform to localized software and hardware in 2021, covering servers, databases, operating systems, middleware, terminal machines, terminals, operating systems, terminal browsers, streaming software, layout software, etc., in order to have the ability to optimize various combinations of domestic environments.

The team behind

Behind professional services and technological innovation is always people. Sunline attaches great importance to talent training and team stability, and fully supports the construction of talent teams through scientific talent management mechanisms and career development channels.

In 2021, with the development of the business, the talented team of Sunline Smart Financial Management's business continued to grow, including more than 60 experts at the expert level and nearly 300 middle and high-level personnel at the backbone level. More than 100 various advanced training in internal organization management, technology, products, business, etc., have helped improve professionalism, and build the overall talent competitiveness of Sunline.

In just a few years, Sunline has achieved a leading position in the industry in important fields such as bank transaction-level general ledger, intelligent finance, comprehensive value management, and asset core systems.

It is the unswerving mission of Sunline to help banks realize the digital transformation in the field of accounting and management. In 2022, Sunline's smart financial management business line will keep its mission in mind and strive hard, so that customers can deeply feel the extraordinary responsibility and power of Sunline people.

In 2021, Sunline's smart financial management business has achieved fruitful results in market development and business innovation. In 2022, we will continue to move forward and help more customers with extraordinary responsibility and strength!

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