Sunline's Big Data Business in 2021 | Professionals Lead the Market, Talents Drive Innovation
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Based on 36 Krypton’s report, “The digital economy is the most important business opportunity in the next decade. At present, the contribution rate from the development of the digital economy to GDP growth has exceeded 67%, and it has become the key force driving the development of my country's national economy. In the future, its value will further increase."

In January 2022, the "Financial Technology Development Plan (2022-2025)" issued by the People's Bank of China clearly stated that the building of data capacity should be comprehensively strengthened, the orderly sharing and comprehensive application of data should be promoted under the premise to ensure security and privacy, and data should be fully activated. The potential of factors can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of financial services.

With the popularity of digitalization, data assets have become an important driving force for the business development of financial institutions. From transforming to business digitization to a digital asset, asset service, and service business, Sunline activates the potential of the bank's data elements, helping them build an integrated data closed loop and a smart bank with the support of financial technology.

In 2021, Sunline's big data business continued to strengthen its own development in various aspects including breakthroughs in major banks, market expansion, business innovation, program coverage, customer management, organizational development, and ecological cooperation, in order to provide customers with higher quality, enriched products, and services, enhanced data assets content and maximize data value mined.

Continues to make breakthroughs in Major Banks and leads the way in professional services

In 2021, the big data business of Sunline continued to expand to the major banks and was still unstoppable in the competition for leading customers.

In terms of cooperation with large state-owned banks, Sunline's big data has expanded from data governance to more comprehensive and in-depth collaboration at the bank level or field level.

In terms of cooperation with leading joint-stock banks, the big data business has won the trust of many customers, and the scope and depth of collaboration have made obvious progress. Together, they have achieved multi-faceted data cooperation and more innovative attempts such as enterprise-level data projects.

In addition, it has also continued to achieve market breakthroughs in various types of enterprises such as securities, financial companies, trust companies, group companies, and financial infrastructure.

Sunline's big data business actively implemented Sunline's corporate culture, and in line with the guiding ideology of creating value for customers, we have completed timely and high-quality projects for China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Nanjing, Anxin Securities, Ping An Trust, Penghua Fund, CGN Finance and other customers, playing a major role and contribution to the construction of the customer’s secure data system.

Innovation and all-round efforts

The overall solution of Sunline Big Data can be summarized into five aspects: "acquisition, collection, management, analysis, and application" and our continuous improvement in terms of applications provides customers with comprehensive end-to-end big data solutions.

Focusing on these five aspects, Sunline's big data continuously innovates at multiple levels and breakthroughs in existing achievements, independently developed 23 products, and applied for 19 software copyrights.

1. Innovative solution

In addition to the continuous optimization and enhancement of the original solution, the big data business of Sunline has combined market requirements to incubate innovative solutions such as IoT data middle-end, blockchain data application, data element marketization, DataOps, etc.

2. Innovative technology prototype

A total of nearly 50 technical prototypes have been sorted out, including delivery, database, big data platform, big data platform components, other software tools, solution integration, etc. Among them, there are nearly ten innovative technology prototypes, which significantly improve the efficiency of delivery and development.

3. Innovative business prototype

Sort out data dictionary project models covering multiple industries, various market models, and data application models in various scenarios, and lay a solid foundation for data assetization.

4. Innovative product

Based on the market gap and differentiation of subdivisions, Sunline continues to strengthen product research and development in the field of big data. More than ten core products such as the platform have been invested in research and development to lead customer needs and maintain strong competitiveness.

Among them, the intelligent marketing center won the Bronze Award in the 2021 National Finals of the Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition, the Gold Award in the Shenzhen Division of the 2021 Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition, and the 3rd Financial Data Intelligent Excellent Solution Selection Experts recommended it as the TOP10 excellent solutions and marketing innovation excellent solutions. The data service platform won the 2021 Enterprise Digital Governance Pioneer Practice Case Award issued by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

Sharing wins with our customers is one of the three core values of Sunline.

Sunline has established partnerships with professional manufacturers in the field of big data ecology to expand the construction of the ecosystem.

1. Based on Huawei MordelArts, RTD, MRS, DWS and other software products to build and release three joint solutions of localized marketing, risk control and data asset management, forming from data collection to data integration, data calculation, data application, data assets management and other comprehensive financial fusion data lake solutions.

2. Connect with the data platform software of companies such as NTU, Xinghuan, Jushan, and WeBank to fully meet the needs of various data application scenarios.

3. Conduct in-depth communication with other 7 institutions on collaboration plans, enrich data collection, improve data security management, and prepare technical reserves for the relevant needs of data application scenarios such as data visualization, data analysis, graph calculation, and risk application.

Diverse organization management boosts talent cultivation

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the 2021 Central Talent Work Conference, "Take the road of self-cultivation of talents."

1. Organization size

The scale of Sunline's big data line organization is about to exceed 2,000 people, with technical personnel accounting for 98%. There are also 3 data expert award winners, 100+ senior experts, and 300+ people with various data consulting capabilities. In terms of organizational structure, practice the management model of the middle office of the organization.

2. Personnel management

In terms of personnel management, the company continued to practice a continuous learning culture, improved the management position certification system, reserve cadre certification system and project manager training system, conducted management skills training, project management ability training, company-level business and technical general training, interviewers as well as more than 100+ sessions of training, virtual team training, etc.

3. School-enterprise collaboration

Sunline's big data business attaches great importance to the joint talent training with external training institutions and universities, collaboration with Danai, Chinasoft and Snail, regularly hold online job fairs to explore diversified training programs; conduct joint development and training of data courses with the Guangdong University of Technology, Shanghai University of Applied Sciences, etc., to establish directional training for college students, internship and employment exchange mechanism. In 2022, we will continue to improve the cooperative recruitment mechanism. Social recruitment, school-enterprise cooperation, and training institutions will be promoted in parallel to establish an efficient human resource pool.

In 2022, Sunline's big data line will continue to promote the implementation of Customer 2.0, Solution and Product Innovation 2.0, Organization 2.0, and other strategies, activate the team, stimulate creativity, improve service capabilities, and contribute to the future digital transformation of the banking industry.

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