Sunline Invited to Speak at Let's Chuhai Club Organized by InvestHK and 36KR
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On November 4, InvestHK and 36KR collaboratively organized Let’s Chuhai Club in Shenzhen as part of the Hong Kong Fintech Week. Sunline, as the first domestic financial technology leader to venture overseas, was invited to participate in the conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges for the financial technology vendors in Hong Kong.

As the world's top financial center, Hong Kong has become a necessary spot for Chinese enterprises going overseas. Let’s Chuhai Club invites fintech companies from Hong Kong and Mainland to participate, promoting interactions among business decision-makers, sharing insights and practical experiences on Hong Kong's financial market, and discussing how Chinese companies can achieve globalization starting in Hong Kong.

Sunline has deployed overseas markets in 2016, with Hong Kong as its first station. After 5 years of development, the company has now covered more than 10 countries and regions, serving more than 20 banking customers outside of China. Sunline is the first vendor to successfully implement China’s core banking system in a major Southeast Asian bank and is the first to integrate China’s advanced Digital Banking concept overseas.

During the conference, Vice President of Sunline Overseas Business, Zhou Hongyu shared his insights on "How Chinese Enterprises Seize Hong Kong’s Market Opportunities and How to Use Hong Kong as a Springboard to Expand Globally". Zhou expressed that companies in China already have the ability and conditions to go overseas, and Hong Kong is a globally recognized financial center that can serve as a springboard for these companies seeking overseas development. However, there are both opportunities and challenges going overseas. He believes that companies must first make decisions about going overseas with market insights analysis, making decisions before acting. Secondly, they must actively integrate into the local ecosystem and even build their own ecosystem to get twice the result with half the effort.

Zhou Hongyu, Vice President of Sunline Overseas Business (first from left)

At present, Sunline has completed the construction of localized products and stationed teams overseas. In the future, Sunline will continue to explore future development in the direction of financial technology, and radiate China's leading financial technology model to a wider overseas market, continuously promoting rapid digital transformation of the global financial industry.

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