Sunline Won Tencent Cloud Database Outstanding Collaboration Contribution Award
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From November 3 to 4, Tencent’s third Digital Ecosystem Summit (DES 2021) was staged in Wuhan with the theme of "Integration of Digital and Reality, Thriving New Opportunities", gathering more than 300 industry leaders and experts to discuss industrial digital strategies and progresses.

During the summit, Tencent also announced its 2021 Outstanding Partner Awards, and Sunline was presented Tencent Cloud Database Outstanding Collaboration Contribution Award for its efficient integration of distributed core systems to Tencent Cloud Database with the creation of benchmark customer cases in the banking industry.

Sunline and Tencent have joined forces in the field of financial technology, launching the Sunline Distributed Core System and Tencent TDSQL joint solution which has been successively put into production for WeBank and Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank. Both parties also jointly pioneered the credit business of China’s banking industry and created many benchmark projects, including Ping An Bank’s credit card core system and Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank’s core system. In recent years, both Sunline and Tencent have continued to polish the joint solutions to accelerate digital transformation for more domestic banks.

Sunline introduced the advantages of Sunline's distributed core and Tencent TDSQL joint solution to the participants in detail. Sunline's core system adopts advanced microservice distributed framework technology and introduced industry-leading unitization. With a distributed design concept, each microservice center becomes an independent self-sustaining entity with external services and each corresponds to an independent TDSQL database. In the financial test scenario, the five major types of businesses i.e., liabilities, assets, operations, bank cards, and batches were verified, involving more than1000 transactions and batch services, achieving good processing capabilities as well as efficiency and 100% accuracy. Through the scalability of the underlying server and database, good processing performance values and linear growth capabilities can be realized, providing a strong guarantee to the data security of the bank's core business system.

In the future, with the deepening of the cooperation between the two parties, more efficient and secure distributed core solutions can be developed for the market to inject strong impetus into the in-depth digital transformation of financial customers.

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