Sunline Ranked 2021 Top 50 China Financial Digital Transformation Pioneering Enterprises
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Recently, CCID Consulting released the 2021 Top 50 China Financial Digital Transformation Pioneering Enterprises, and Sunline is one of the top enterprises making it into the list.

The top enterprises in this list were selected through multi-dimensional deliberations by CCID Consulting’s internal experts as well as through comprehensive opinions from financial representatives. After half a year of research and interviews to analyze the companies’ data, financials, R&D investments, financial scenario applications as well as user experiences, evaluating the top enterprises in how they strive to fully demonstrate the comprehensive capabilities in the financial industry.

Innovation is the first consideration in this list as innovative vendors and financial users are the drive that promoted the development and accelerated the process of digital transformation of the financial industry.

CCID Consulting has affirmed the comprehensive innovative strengths of Sunline from three aspects:

1. Leading technological innovation

Technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for the sustainable development of Sunline. For many years, Sunline has insisted on independent researches and developments. The company developed a distributed platform with independent intellectual property rights and in line with financial scenarios and launched the first distributed JAVA-based core system. The core system was also the first to launch the "microservices + unitized" architecture core banking system in 2020 for major banks. At the same time, Sunline has also achieved remarkable innovations in big data and artificial intelligence.

2. Focus on scenario innovation

Sunline attaches great importance to the application of technology and financial business scenarios, creating solutions such as smart marketing, smart risk control, and comprehensive data asset management through independently researched and developed financial marketing empowerment systems, smart collection robots, and smart accounting systems. Innovation is the key to promoting digital transformation and the development of the financial industry.

3. Major innovative development in multiple fields

In recent years, Sunline has continuously promoted the development of credit business in the financial industry. The distributed core system independently developed for WeBank and Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank has realized full-stack domestic production with safe and stable operation. The core system based on the domestic database has been used in CITIC Credit Card, Ping An Credit Card, and Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank were successfully put into production. At the same time, in line with the innovation needs of major banks, Sunline has provided business and technical expert resources in the fields of consulting and construction of major bank’s technology platform and application system reconstruction, actively contributing to the implementation of enterprise-level architecture, independent and controllable IT construction.

With the acceleration of digitalization in the financial industry, Sunline's team size, operating income, R&D investment, etc. were also increased. In the future, Sunline will continue to focus on the financial field and insist on independent innovation to help financial institutions with innovative technology and professional services. 

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