Sunline Intelligent Marketing Platform Emerged Champion for Shenzhen Division at 2021 Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition
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On August 26, the 2021 China (Shenzhen) Digital Economy Industry: Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition Award Ceremony was successfully held. The Kunpeng Application Innovation Competition jointly organized by the Huawei’s Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Software Industry Association, Green Computing Industry Alliance as well as China Computer Industry Association in 23 provinces and cities across China, is a top event for global developers.

The Shenzhen Competition Division attracted a total of 90 corporate teams and 600 developers participating for the competition. After a few rounds of careful reviews and selections, only 43 corporate teams entered the finals. Sunline Intelligent Marketing Platform emerged the champion in the financial field after a fierce competition covering four dimensions: program innovation, technological leadership, business prospects and social value, successfully entering the national finals.

Sunline Intelligent Marketing Platform have shown great value to banks and have been applied in many joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, etc., successfully helping banks improve quality and efficiency through big data.

The solution is based on the mining of multi-source, massive and real-time data, realizing T+0 real-time marketing, rapid assembly of lists and activities as well as is the best one-stop marketing management for bank customers. Through data model analysis, accurate correspondence between customers and products can be established to achieve dynamic customer portraits, accurate matching of products and needs, helping banks achieve smart marketing and personalized services.

The solution is based on top-down design that opens up the closed loop of the entire precision marketing process, realizing real-time sharing of label data, flexible configuration of activities and one-click deployment of customer life cycle scenarios.

Through internal and external data integration, data analysis and mining models, built-in decision-making engines, real-time processing technology as well as visual analysis methods, the solution effectively builds a comprehensive marketing management.

Sunline's big data business has been developing rapidly. Through the continuous integration with Kunpeng ecosystem, Sunline Intelligent Marketing Platform give full play to the capabilities of data to improve quality and efficiency for the digital transformation and development of the financial industry.


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