Sunline Named 2021 Top 100 Enterprises with Most Competitive Software and IT Services
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Recently, the China Software Industry Association published the 2021 Software and IT Services Competitiveness Report and hosted the 2021 Top 100 Enterprise Summit in Beijing, officially announcing the top companies in the industry and Sunline was named one of the Top 100 Enterprises with Most Competitive Software and IT Services.

Making into the list holds a heavyweight influence in China’s software and IT service industry. Enterprises in the industry are carefully evaluated from multiple aspects such as scale, efficiency, quality, technology, R&D as well as social responsibility, selecting only the most outstanding software companies that play an important support and promotion role for social and economy of the country.    

China Software Industry Association has affirmed the comprehensive strength of Sunline in the financial software and IT services subdivision from four dimensions:

1. Improved scale

Sunline has grown against the epidemic situation in 2020, with an increased in the number of employees exceeding 6000 people and has achieved a historic breakthrough in market development and advanced into the market of state-owned banks.

According to the annual report of Sunline, the operating income in 2020 shown a18.28% year-on-year increase. Sunline was also selected as the "Top 100 Shenzhen Software Business Revenue in 2020" by the Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

2. Innovation-driven development

Sunline's R&D investment in 2020 accounted for 11.60% of total its revenue and more than 90% of its employees are technical personnel. In 2020, breakthroughs in multiple fields were achieved such as distributed, big data, artificial intelligence and open banking, pioneering the first "microservice + unitized" core systems, comprehensive data asset management solutions, data service platforms and comprehensive value management platforms, independent research and development of financial marketing empowerment systems, intelligent collection robots and intelligent accounting systems as well as creation of an enterprise-level financial open platform based on API technology to empower the digital transformation of the financial industry.

3. Deep nurturing of its international market

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Sunline going overseas. As the first Chinese financial technology brand expanding overseas, the gradually maturation of Sunline’s overseas businesses has withstood the adverse effects of the pandemic and business has developed steadily, covering more than 10 countries and regions including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines, providing digital solutions to nearly 20 bank customers in Southeast Asia, allowing Chinese financial technology to reach a global influence.

4. Building an innovative ecosystem

Sunline has established ecological cooperation with domestic database, cloud and server manufacturers such as Huawei and Tencent to jointly build a safe and controllable system based on financial scenarios. It is currently based on Sunline’s core system, data warehouse, marketing center and risk control mid-end, data asset management platforms, etc. Many joint solutions have been launched and successfully implemented to a number of banks, continuously advancing the development China’s financial industry.

Under the development opportunities of the digital age, Sunline is constantly playing the role of the a leader in software innovation to actively explore new financial technology and models, ultimately play a part in contributing to the continuous development of China's software industry.

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