Sunline's Data Service Platform Awarded "2021 Pioneering Case for Digital Governance Enterprise"
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The Digital Governance Forum in lieu with the 2021 China Internet Conference has successfully held at the National Convention Center on July 15. The event was co-organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Information Technology Risk Governance Working Committee convened more than 500 participants from multiple industries to discuss about the latest digital governance plans.

During the forum, Sunline’s data service platform has proudly received the accolade as the winner of the "2021 Pioneering Case for Digital Governance Enterprise" for its innovation excellence. Through a series of online voting and deliberations by experts of the data governance field, industry regulators as well as corporate managements, more than 100 submissions were evaluated based on the degree of automation and intelligence, application scenarios and governance effects, innovation demonstration, independence and controllability as well as the security and risk protection.

- Sunline’s data service platform has been implemented in Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center, Bohai Bank, Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Chengdu and other banks, and has won the award with six outstanding advantages

- Distributed microservices architecture that provide seamless services with scalability, availability and high-throughput service functions.

- API Gateway to provide authorization, authentication, current limiting, routing (load balancing), blacklist, time period access control and other functions while also providing operation and maintenance monitoring of gateways, services and links.

- Seamless access to heterogeneous data, access to structured, unstructured, relational columnar storage, document and graph data sources which can span multiple data storage platform.

- Rapid online publishing service to realize various custom API interfaces online, integrate external service access (external API/shell/Java/Python, etc.) and support multiple data service methods such as real-time/asynchronous/push/subscribe.

- Maximizing data value through data-as-a-service and scenario-based services to promote digital strategic transformation.

- Empowering business with data by realizing business digitization with agile and efficient business response data service capabilities.


Data service capability is an important way to realize data sharing, nurture and maximize the value of data, making it an essential focus for the construction of data applications such as risk control, marketing and operation management. Sunline’s data service platform allows data to form a closed loop between the platform and business system to efficiently respond to new business expansions through shared services, realizing decoupling and close interaction between applications and data. Management and other methods to realize application sharing of data between various systems not only give full play to the value of data assets but also efficiently reduce personnel development and subsequent maintenance costs.

As data has become a new factor of production, Sunline’s active and deep research on data governance solutions have seen the company actively participating in the promotion of national-level data governance, helping financial institutions to effectively maximize data assets and ultimately creating more values with big data.

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