Take A Look at the Key Projects Sunline Won in the Second Quarter of 2021
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Sunline has accelerated momentum in market development with prominent multi-service market in the second quarter of 2021. While maintaining a strong competitive edge for core business systems, Sunline’s big data and management businesses have also grown rapidly, advancing into banks, securities, financial companies, etc. and showing a more comprehensive market competitiveness for the company’s business segments.

Winning projects:

1. Bank of Ningbo

Unified risk data platform

Bank of Ningbo initiated the construction of a unified risk data platform to achieve unified management of risk data marts in order to meet the needs of new generation credit risk management system clusters, early batch warning and other applications for data services as well as to improve the timeliness and value of data.

Sunline constructed a unified risk data model for the Bank of Ningbo, helping the bank improve the specification and processes of risk data development to truly realize data-based and intelligent risk management and control as well as effectively support the development of risk-related businesses. At present, Sunline's unified risk data platform has been implemented in Bank of Zhengzhou, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank, Guangdong Huaxing Bank, Shandong City Commercial Bank, Bank of Jiujiang, Bank of Langfang, etc.

2. Bank of Nanjing

Financial Basic Information Submission System

In order to meet the requirements of the People's Bank of China for the online reporting and submission of financial basic data, Bank of Nanjing decided to build a basic financial information reporting system.

Based on years of accumulation in regulatory reporting and implementation experience in many banks such as Xiamen International Bank and Shengjing Bank, Sunline has constructed a financial basic information reporting system for Bank of Nanjing to help the bank realize a one-stop solution that unify data collection, processing and management.

3. Bank of Jinzhou

Enterprise-level customer information management system

Bank of Jinzhou faces pain points such as low level of customer information sharing within the bank, inconsistent data standards, and the inability of business personnel to better grasp the full picture of customers and identify potential customers through customer information, which has brought great resistance to customer marketing.

Sunline built an ECIF system for Bank of Jinzhou, integrated customer information in each system of the bank, established a unified customer information management, governance, and release system across the bank, realized unified management of customer information across the bank, and provided accurate and consistent information for the entire bank , Timely and complete customer information service.

4. Shaanxi Rural Credit Union

The first transaction-level general ledger project in Northwest China

The overly complex legacy accounting system and architecture of Shaanxi Rural Credit became difficult to meet the two-way improvement requirements for system service quality and customer experience under the general ledger system transformation strategy.

The transaction-level general ledger system constructed by Sunline for Shaanxi Rural Credit Union forms a standardized, professional and integrated stable back-end accounting and general ledger management capabilities to greatly simplify the accounting process as well as significantly improve the efficiency and processing of the credit company, further strengthening the leading position of Sunline's big ledger system in the provincial rural credit market.

5. Gansu Rural Credit Union

The second new generation core business project for provincial rural credit in the digital age

In order to deepen reformation and accelerate development, Gansu Rural Credit decided to build a new generation core business system to drive high-quality development of their various businesses with the strong momentum of a new core as well as continuously improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy and development of "agriculture, rural and farmers".

Sunline constructed Gansu Rural Credit’s core business system with a "microservices + unitized" architecture to provide excellent technical foresight, advancement, high availability and scalability, support multi-legal operations and realize comprehensive financial products. Product factory supports flexible product customization and differentiated pricing by customers. The system has been highly adapted to the requirements of the rural credit system to future proof the rapid development of Gansu Rural Credit. This also marks the first time that Sunline has helped rural credit company launch the first digitized provincial rural credit core system.

6. Chongqing Three Gorges Bank

New core banking system

The legacy core of Chongqing Three Gorges Bank has been in use for more than ten years. With the further deepening of financial system reformation and the advancement of interest rate marketization, it has been unable to further support the rapid development of the bank’s business or satisfy the bank’s new business expansion demand. Hence, Chongqing Three Gorges Bank urgently needs to build an advanced, secure and convenient core banking system. Sunline won the project with its strong market share in the core system field and excellent customer reputation.

The new core banking system implemented by Sunline for Chongqing Three Gorges Bank adopts a distributed architecture with great stability, efficiency and innovation. It can achieve full integration of peripheral business systems and management information systems to quickly roll out new financial products and respond to market changes, ultimately future proofing the bank's technical and business development needs.

7. Yunnan Hongta Bank

Another localized database core system project in the banking industry

In response to the national credit innovation strategy, Yunnan Hongta Bank initiated the construction of a core system based on domestic databases to meet the needs of future business development such as customer-centric, financial productization, refined management and comprehensive risk management. Sunline won the core system and general ledger projects for the bank in one swoop.

For the core system project, Sunline restructured the bank’s core system architecture, data architecture, business architecture and technical architecture based on the Alibaba OB domestic database. At technical level, it is based on cloud computing and adopts a distributed architecture while at business level, the system focuses on enhancing business operation capabilities, supporting rapid product innovation and differentiated pricing capabilities as well as comprehensively improving the bank’s business operation management capabilities and efficiency.

The transaction-level general ledger project supports financial innovation, realizing the flexible adjustment of accounting standards and accounting rules. Through the "core system + transaction-level general ledger" solution, Sunline helps Yunnan Hongta Bank completely realize "transaction and accounting separation".

8. Dezhou Bank

Reviving the field of intelligent financial system

In order to further improve the level of refined financial management, advance the quality of cost management and control, improve compliance risk management and control capabilities and expand system informatization, automation and user satisfaction, Dezhou Bank launched a new generation financial budgeting and expense reimbursement systems.

Sunline stripped off cost accounting from the original financial system of Dezhou Bank, built an independent financial budget and reimbursement system, opened up the electronic management path of financial expenses before, during and after the incident, optimized the financial reimbursement process as well as established online financial management and control. The system provides advanced data platform, process platform and management platform for the financial informationization of Dezhou Bank.

9. West China Securities

New breakthroughs in financial risk products in West China

Due to the rapid development of derivatives business, West China Securities urgently needs to introduce a new measurement engine for risk measurement to achieve business support for the development of the company’s derivative financial business and the transformation of fixed income business to FICC business as well as to meet the comprehensive risk management of parent and subsidiary market risk measurement.

Sunline introduces RiskManager, a market risk product for the derivative financial business measurement engine built for West China Securities to achieve full coverage of the measurement of financial instruments of West China Securities and its subsidiaries (including the grandson company), realizing data management, label management and limit as well as expanding various management functions such as management, return inspection, stress test and risk report for West China Securities.

In addition, Sunline has also won banking projects for Bank of Shanghai, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank as well as other non-bank customers such as SDIC Finance, Essence Securities and Industrial Digital Finance. Sunline’s product lines and professional services have deeply empowered the digital transformation of financial and pan-financial institutions, ultimately refreshing the domestic financial industry.

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