A Trick to Realize 5 Times Faster Data Development Speed for Financial Enterprises
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At present, the system development of most financial institutions is still in the manual coding stage with silo business lines performing their own duties using different development frameworks and different data development languages. Information cannot be shared and exchanged, resulting in a large number of development resources waste and low efficiency.

In the fierce competition in the financial industry, customer experience is essential and efficiency is paramount. Traditional development models have become a limiting factor in enhancing competitiveness while reducing development costs, improving efficiency, agility, realizing ease of use and scalability have become the industry's primary focus.

It’s great to have such a data development platform

Based on years of experience in the construction and implementation of financial big data platforms and data warehouses, Sunline has refined and integrated a set of advanced data development platforms to provide complete construction of enterprises big data platforms, auxiliary development functions and information retrieval components for data warehouses, reducing the repetitive tasks of R&D personnel while realizing rapid data development and ensuring the quality of development to respond to the needs of business scenarios for data. Sunline’s big data platforms have been implemented in many banks.

In the ETL development process of data projects, the use of the data development platform exceeds 5 times efficiency compared to manual coding.

The data development platform puts forward the requirements for batch development, process standardization, visualization of operation and ease of maintenance for the processing of ETL processes. It provides full-process management of data development based on mainstream database products and big data platform products, helping companies realize the foundation of data platform while at the same time cooperates with the rich data asset catalog, operation monitoring chart, data encyclopedia and other visual retrieval functions to ensure the sustainable development of the data platform construction.

Fully empowering data development with efficiency

Summarizing the role of Sunline's self-researched data development platform:

  • Multi-function

The data development platform can realize a series of data development tasks such as data synchronization, creation, release, scheduling, operation and maintenance to provide customers with one-stop design, development, testing, maintenance and other functions.

  • Efficient

The data development platform has a wealth of development methods, supports interface operation and batch import development functions. Process wizard is simple and easy to operate and realizes rapid development of requirements. The ETL development process exceeds 5 times efficiency compared to manual coding.

  • Good quality

The data development platform is developed in a standardized process with more standardized and unified code which greatly improves the readability and maintainability of the code, ultimately guarantying data scripts code.

Less time, effort and cost

The data development platform provides a complete set of data processing with full process control which can be connected to the commonly used scheduling tools in the industry to complete the scheduling configuration work. The ETL development process is templated to reduce the coding workload and implementation time to greatly reduce the workload of developers and system integration. Invest.

The improvement of the bank’s data development efficiency is not only the actual demand but also the preemptive factor to win the future in the comprehensive digital transformation of the bank. Sunline’s data development platform understands the needs of enterprises and realizes easier and faster development, ultimately help enterprises accelerate the process of financial digitization.

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