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In the wave of the digital age, the innovation and development of enterprises depend on whether they can quickly and frequently respond to the real-time user experiences and feedbacks. Those who stand out often have the ability to quickly and iteratively deliver products and respond flexibly to changes. As an extension to the agile concept to the field of operation and maintenance, DevOps provides solid support for enterprises to pursue innovate market responses in the process of digitalization, and is also the driving force for enterprise transformation.

DevOps reshapes R&D operation and maintenance system

The term DevOps comes from the combination of Development (development) and Operations (operations and maintenance), that is, the “integration of development and operations". This concept emerged in Europe in 2009, due to the pain in operation and maintenance with the traditional model.

For a long time in the development of computer technology and software development industry, R&D, operations and maintenance have been in a clear relationship. From the perspective of R&D, delivering quality products with higher efficiency has always been the demand of R&D engineers while from the perspective of operations and maintenance, computer operations and maintenance technologies worldwide has been replacing manual operation and maintenance with machines and scripts.

The popularity of DevOps grew around 2015 when the IT market started to realize that it can reduce workload and improve work quality by connecting and integrating R&D with operations and maintenance.

Referring to the definitions of top global IT companies, DevOps is not a single technology or tool, or even just a process, it can be understood as a series of tool chains that can develop software at high speed and quality. This model not only improves the efficiency of software development but the performance of the final product has also become the embodiment and application of modern IT enterprises.

Today, with the advent of the digital and intelligent era, software is profoundly changing our way of life. How to quickly and continuously deliver high-quality software to meet the diverse needs of users, so as to reshape the core competitiveness, has become a practical problem that many enterprises must solve. Facing the competitive pressure brought by development and management, more enterprises are introducing DevOps to deal with more complex software development needs and environments and DevOps has been regarded as the key to the future development of enterprises.

Sunline's exploration in DevOps culture

The essence of DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. Essentially, suitable tools can really improve the collaboration between development, IT operations teams and business teams, and a tool chain with higher integration and more complete ecosystem has become a major trend in this industry.

As a leading software service provider that has been deeply involved in financial technologies for many years, Sunline started the exploration of DevOps culture as early as 2015, and is committed to using self-developed products and various open-source tools to build its own DevOps tool chain and realize an integrated R&D standard system and platform construction. After long-term accumulation of experience in the field of DevOps, Sunline combines agile development methods to create a professional and standardized R&D tool "MOne Platform", to meet the everchanging industry requirements.

The full name of "MOne Platform" is "R&D Collaborative Management Platform", integrating the practical experience of R&D processes, implementation specifications, collaborative management and other aspects. MOne builds R&D practice into the platform to guide enterprises in the practice of DevOps. Through the process specification + tool mechanism, MOne supports the entire process from requirements, design, development, construction, testing, release to deployment, forming a closed loop R&D quality monitoring.

MOne has been entrusted with the mission to help teams develop, test and deploy code quickly and independently; deliver value to customers quickly, safely and reliably; as well as effectively improve the productivity of developers. MOne series of products have experienced many business scenarios enhancement, and based on a complete tool chain, it can provide a set of mature R&D efficiency solutions for customers in all walks of life, helping enterprises reduce the construction cost of R&D tools, improve product delivery efficiency, and achieve R&D upgrade efficiency.

Interested to know how MOne series of products achieve integrated R&D, as well as collaborative management in operations and maintenance? Stay tuned to the next few series of DevOps practices articles, and we will unveil them to you one by one.

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