How Does the New Generation Intelligent Bank Marketing Platform Works?
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Sunline’s new generation intelligent bank marketing platform offers real-time computing of the entire process from transaction and customer screening to channel distribution, efficiently realizing the upgrade from T+1 marketing to T+0 real-time marketing. At present, the system has been implemented in many banks such as China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, Construction Bank, Ningbo Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, Guiyang Bank, Changsha Bank, Huishang Bank, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank, etc.

The platform uses big data technology to achieve a flexible and extensible architecture, realizing the seamless management of the entire marketing process. The system can effectively support, manage and supervise banks’ marketing activities with the ability to package marketing scenarios that provide a full set of visualizations for banks in each package scenario and configure templates to realize the individual requirements of flexible operation and one-click deployment to ultimately achieve the streamlining and unification of marketing activities management and customer lifecycle management.

Helping the bank truly realize data-driven precision marketing model from "fragmented marketing" to "omni-channel marketing", Sunline’s new generation intelligent bank marketing platform and fully improves the efficiency of financial marketing services, reduces the cost of traffic drive and increases customer conversion rate.

How Does the Intelligent Bank Marketing Platform Plays a Role for Banks?

1. A variety of derivation methods to quickly discover and identify high-value customers

The new generation intelligent bank marketing platform supports a variety of derivation methods that can handle off the shelf categories. Commonly used high-frequency category are deposited as boutique labels and reused directly in the platform to avoid repeated configuration.

When a bank lacks a category system, the large amount of information from customers cannot be transmitted to the front desk in a timely manner. It is difficult for bank account managers to grasp key marketing opportunities, resulting in serious capital loss of the bank. 80% of c-terminal retail customers eventually become low-value customers. Through the new generation intelligent bank marketing platform, the establishment of categories can be established to build 360⁰ user profile to effectively and efficiently discover and identify high-value potential customers.


2. Improve key indicators and operational efficiency through multi-level customer screening

The new generation intelligent bank marketing platform can design multi-level and multi-groups for up to 10 campaigns according to the specific business needs of the bank’s marketing activities, filter audiences through customer categories, achieve fine division of target groups and improve key indicators and operational efficiency.

In the scenario of pushing increasing interest coupons to real-time incoming customers, the system filters out the audience through multiple levels of c-end customer categories and pushes different products to suite each category. If the c-end customer does not receive it within 5 hours, the system will automatically push a message reminder, greatly improving the efficiency of bank operations.

3. The configuration of activities, channels, gifts and interests with seamless templates integration to quickly complete marketing tasks

The new generation intelligent bank marketing platform supports multi-channel integration including SMS, outbound calls, APP, WeChat official accounts, etc., through the setting of fields, recommendation strategies and product strategies to achieve the personalized configuration of channels for thousands of people. In terms of docking methods, the platform also supports active push and API passive query. At the same time, multiple scenarios encapsulated by the platform provide a full set of configuration templates to meet the personalized needs of business departments for one-click deployment and help bank business departments to quickly complete marketing tasks.

The system can customize marketing activities according to different customer groups. For the white-collar customer category with a small investment amount, it will push stable and fixed income products into a product package while for game enthusiast customer category, it will push exclusive gaming credit cards and equipment gifts.

4. Real-time respond to customer needs

Each functional module of the new generation intelligent bank marketing platform can return the configuration results in real time after clicking release. Business personnel can complete all the configuration of marketing activities through one interface. With the marketing model and recommendation model, qualified users can be included in the active customer group in real time while rewards will be given to qualified users who participate in activities immediately.

When c-terminal users use mobile banking APP or online banking to do loan calculators, the system can push loan products in seconds and if they complete a specific task, they will immediately receive corresponding rewards.

5. Scalable data structure to maximize the value of data

The data structure of the new generation intelligent bank marketing platform has a high degree of flexibility and scalability while the architecture can be expanded to easily cope with tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of data. The platform has open interfaces which can accept raw data externally. The processed customer profiling data is output to an external system and the customer category can be flexibly exchanged with other systems to meet the bank's demand for maximizing the value of the data.

Sunline’s new generation intelligent bank marketing platform can provide customers with a  truly scenario-based, personalized and diversified financial services, enabling banks to accurately grasp customer needs, respond to market changes in a timely manner, improve service efficiency and take the lead in the digital marketing transformation of the banking industry.

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