Sunline Leads a New Round of Change in the Credit Card Core System
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In 2020, Sunline's core, big data, management and other businesses have supported many major banks, displaying the strength of unified technology platform and development framework through the remarkable developments in these banks.

As Fintech accelerated the pace of retail transformation in commercial banks, more banks regard credit card core as the key in retail transformation and using technology to empower, meet compliance, increase efficient and innovate the domestic development of credit card businesses has become the main focus of the industry.

Credit Card Core Transformation for Large Banks

Banks are more competitive with the refined operation capabilities supported by digital financial technologies. With financial technology being able to reshape bank’s credit card services, the credit card core transformation for large banks becomes more advanced:

·    On October 2019, CITIC Bank’s StarCard Credit Card Core was successfully put into production.

·    On August 2020, Bank of Communications open tender for its Pacific Credit Card Center Project.

·    On October 2020, Ping An Bank’s “A+” Credit Card Core System was fully upgraded and replaced.

Both the core systems of CITIC and Ping An’s Credit Card Business have shown extraordinary strengths:

CITIC Bank’s new StarCard Credit Card Core has been operating stably as of 2020, successfully hosting the operations and managements of 110,000,000 accounts with a peak transaction value of 4,500 transactions per second, more than three times efficiency compared to the original system.

Ping An Bank’s “A+” Credit Card Core System has also achieved excellent transcript. As of the end of 2020, the number of Ping An Bank’s credit cards in circulation reached 64,245,100 with an increase of 6.5% as compared to the previous year. The total credit card transaction value hit RMB 3,454,021 billion, marking a 3.5% year-on-year increase.

Under the demonstration effect of these pioneers, credit card core construction and transformation has become the key focus point of the big bank's competition for retail.

Leading a new round of change in the credit card core system with technologies

The above-mentioned banks all chose Sunline as their preferred partner to support their credit card core construction and transformation. For Bank of Communications’ Credit Card Core Project, Sunline is responsible for the construction of important functions such as system architecture design, authorization processing, card issuance and real-time reduction. At the same time, Sunline has created the industry’s benchmark projects for both China CITIC Bank and Ping An Bank.

Sunline has always insisted on independent research and development while being at the forefront of the industry in terms of credit card core technology and innovation:

·    Launched the first JAVA based credit card core system in 2012.

·    Launched the first modular and distributed credit card core system in 2015.

·    Launched the first microservices architecture credit card core system in 2017.

·    In 2021, Sunline introduced domain-driven design (DDD) into the credit card core for the first time, building a large-scale operation system from a business perspective.

Sunline believes that the new generation digital credit card core system should be user-centric, business-oriented, highly available with digital as the soul. It should be a safe, autonomous and reliable open platform.

LTTS-Suncard, the digital credit card core is self-developed, with unitized and distributed technical level that uses microservices as the application design standard and adopts open platform technology to effectively support credit card business scenarios, openness and business integration.

With the technological innovations, two major breakthroughs have been achieved at business level:

·    Data-driven business decision-making by making full use of the data value.

·    Low-code concept empowers business agility with the replacement of manual coding by configuring rules and parameters to quickly realize business innovation and adjustment.

The new generation credit card core system is based on the basic of microservices and establishes a variety of independent and collaborative product centers, pricing centers, quota centers, authorization centers, accounting centers, operation centers, user centers, etc. to carry out product innovation and centralized business operations that effectively support the rapid development of the bank’s credit card business from multiple levels.

In the application design of Ping An Bank’s “A+” Credit Card Core System, the advanced designs has fully integrated the related innovative functions into the bank’s credit card field authorization center, quota center and card issuance center, making the Ping An Bank’s new “A+” core the lead in the industry.

With the achievements after the launching of the credit card core systems for multiple banks, the new system has achieved a geometrical leap in terms of customer service, conversion rate, response efficiency towards market demand and innovation efficacy, creating more value for the banking business.

·    Business product innovation and rapid iteration capability shortened from monthly to weekly timeline, supporting 1 billion-level card issuance, billion-level account processing, billion-level daily active customers and unrestricted expansion.

·    Internet-level financial service capabilities including real-time efficient services that enhance the business processing efficiency of operational services and greatly improve customer experience. At the same time, real-time decision-making and active transaction warning can effectively prevent potential transaction fraud and risks from various open scenarios, ensuring secure digital services.

·    Rich transaction elements and pricing strategies drive each link in the transaction chain through data, refining management accuracy, improving management timeliness as well as providing intelligent decision-making for seamless operations and managements. Services are refined from the card product level (logo level) to the scenario level with flexible management and control, differentiated pricing, refined services and risk control capabilities, ultimately realizing iterative evolution of business strategies based on data to make business more agile.

Professional services guaranteeing results in every customer project

Rich practical experience and professional service capabilities are the reasons why Sunline is favored by large banks.

Sunline started it business from core banking field and has been deeply involved in the field for almost two decades, transforming the core for nearly 100 banks including state-owned and policy banks, joint-stock banks, large and medium-sized city commercial banks, provincial rural credit banks, rural commercial banks and overseas banks with unmatched technology, professional services and actual implementation experience in the industry.

While focusing on the financial field, technology innovation and providing professional services to banking customers, Sunline has an army with strong technology, rich experience and deep business understanding:

·    Professionals in the credit card field in China and overseas with a delivery team of more than 500 people.

·    Industry experts with more than a decade of experience among the teams of analysis designers, development engineers, test engineers, etc.

·    Dozens of experts led the design, research and development of the credit card core system architecture for many major banks.

Sunline Credit Card Core Team

The dedicated team provides banks with comprehensive professional credit card core solutions and services, empowering the development of bank’s credit card business.

With the retail transformation of banks, the core construction of bank credit cards is also accelerating. Sunline takes advantage of its self-developed technology to focus on the core construction of a new generation credit card core, empowering banks to enhance their competitiveness in retail transformation with professional services.

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