Huawei Presented Sunline with the "Kunpeng High Flying Award for Computing Business"
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Sunline’s distributed banking core business system that runs on Huawei’s TaiShan servers was awarded the “Kunpeng High Flying Award for Computing Business” at the Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021 on 17 and 18 May for the successful display of outstanding achievements in full-stack domestic production for WeBank and Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank.Sunline has been an important partner for Huawei Kunpeng Ecosystem for a long time and both parties have worked together to build a digital platform that combine the strengths of both partners in financial IT solutions and launch a core system based on Kunpeng's converged data warehouse, empowering the digital and intelligent transformation of the financial industry.

The distributed core business system of Sunline and independently developed system and is the first to run on a distributed architecture in China’s banking industry with leading characteristics including seamless integration, flexibility, centralization, automation, modelling and localization. Sunline’s distributed core business system and Huawei’s Kunpeng Ecosystem have accomplished deep integration and comprehensive ecological verification including Kunpeng CPU, TaiShan servers, etc. realizing high performance, high scalability, high availability, cost efficiency, security, etc. which can comprehensively empower application acceleration of big data, distributed storage, ARM native, high-performance computing and database.

On August 2019, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank adopted Huawei TaiShan servers, marking the first core business system for a traditional commercial bank in China to use a domestic server when the system was officially put it into production. After nearly 2 years of production, the performance of Huawei TaiShan server has been running stably and can fully meet the current high performance and stability requirements of Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank’s core system as well as the future business development needs of the bank in the next five to ten years.

Sunline and Huawei will continue to deepen their collaborations in core systems, big data, digital finance and other fields. Both parties aim to jointly build a full-scenario intelligent solution to help the domestic banking industry further accelerate the credit creation processes and promote the implementation of more innovative full-stack domestic products.

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