Sunline Help Three Middle and Large Banks in China Realize Strong Competitiveness
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In around one month before and after the Spring Festival, Sunline successively won the bid for performance management projects of three trillion-scale banks and created a "three-dimensional, intelligent and visualized" performance management system for these three major banks, further laying the foundation for Sunline's Performance Management System as a leading position in the middle and large banks market.

Empowering businesses with bank performance management system

Under the multiple impacts of the pandemic, banks are facing unprecedented operating pressures. Refined management has gradually become an important driving force for banks’ transformation and innovation. As the core of the refined management system, performance management is becoming a key to improving the quality and efficiency of banks. An important starting point is to use technology to improve the management level and enable performance appraisal to empower the business, which has become the common focus of banks.

The performance management system requirements of the major banks have their very own characteristics:

Agricultural Development Bank of China

In the process of digital transformation, the original performance evaluation management system of the Agricultural Development Bank of China has become increasingly difficult to support the rapid development of the business. This is mainly reflected in the lack of uniformity of data, high manual dependence and insufficient process support. Hence, the legacy performance management system is in urgent need to be transformed into a platform that can improve the performance management level.

The performance management platform created by Sunline for the Agricultural Development Bank of China supports closed-loop management of the full life cycle of predictions, assessments and analysis, which can realize multi-dimensional, multi-index and full-process combined evaluation, forming an effective positive Incentives to help banks give full play to the functions of policy banks.

Bank of Ningbo

With the rapid development of the business and the continuous scale of expansion for Bank of Ningbo, the legacy performance management system is scattered in various business lines and is unable to quickly respond to the differentiated assessment requirements of multiple institutions, positions and business lines. Therefore, an upgrade of the legacy performance management is imminent.

In response to the management needs of Bank of Ningbo, Sunline has created a performance management system that supports a multi-legal structure, which can truly meet the unified management and control of the entire bank as well as able to differentiated assessments of institutions and personnel at all levels, stimulating the enthusiasm of all employees and promoting business development for Bank of Ningbo.

In addition, Sunline also won the bid for a performance management project of a Chinese-funded international bank, to specifically solve the evaluation problems encountered in the development of the bank's retail business as well as help the bank to achieve a cloud-enabled performance system and localization of the database.

Behind the core competitiveness and continuous improvement of performance management

Sunline’s performance management system has demonstrated strong market competitiveness and has provided performance management system services to nearly 70 customers, including Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Chongqing Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, Jiangxi Rural Credit Cooperative, Chongqing Agricultural Bank, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank as well as other major commercial banks.

Why Sunline’s Performance Management System?

The quality of a product is key. As early as 2006, Sunline began its deployment in the field of performance management systems. For more than ten years, the company has focused on polishing and bettering its products and services in the field. Sunline’s performance management system offers unique product advantages with industry-leading business forecast and analysis capabilities. It can perform intelligent and independent analysis in combination with the comprehensive indicators of the bank, configure flexible and differentiated assessments as well as enable real-time assessment results viewing, making assessments more efficient and effective. A more transparent assessment will stimulate employee initiative, empower management decision-making and enhance the bank’s core competitiveness.

The professionalism of Sunline’s performance management team has been widely recognized by the industry. This independent and large-scale performance management team has focused on the field of bank performance management for many years and has been intensively working on bettering the services to help customers truly create value through the performance management system, while at the same time accumulated rich practical experience in top banks to maximize the success of customers and avoid project risks.

In the general environment of financial credit creation, Sunline has continuously promoted the implementation of bank credit creation products in recent years and the results have been remarkable. The performance management system can be adapted to various localized platforms and software to help banks realize the cloud-enabled performance system and domestic alternatives to databases.

For a very long time, Sunline has been aiming at “performance empowering business" to create an advanced and intelligent performance appraisal system for banks, giving full play to the important role of the "baton" to performance management to help banks reduce management, operation and manual operation costs to drive banking business innovation and performance growth.

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