Take a Look at What Makes Sunline's Digital Banking Superior in Supporting the Development of Major Banks
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No matter how many slogans or how strong the advertisement campaigns a company has, the true strength of a company is reflected by recognition from top customers.

In 2020 when the intensity of large banks’ IT transformation exploded, Sunline has seized the opportunities in the fierce competition with leading technology and professional services and is unstoppable:

·   Won the new generation core technology platform and bank remittance component project for Postal Savings Bank of China, marking Sunline’s new journey to the market of large state-owned banks.

·   Won Bank of China’s unitized deployment components and digital financial services supply chain projects, allowing Sunline to explore key technical areas of the bank.

·   Won the distributed credit card core project for Bank of Communications, expanding the credit card field of major banks.

· Won distributed core projects for Postal Savings’ Youhui Wanjia Bank and China Merchants’ Tapu Bank, exploring the application field of independent direct banking.

Each project monumental. Looking back at Sunline’s projects from rural banks, city commercial banks, joint-stock banks and state-owned banks, Sunline was ushered into a historic breakthrough with more than ten years of focusing on the financial field. Sunline’s achievements in technological innovation have also proved the growth and transformation of China's Fintech, meeting the technology needs of major state-owned banks with advanced technology and professional services.

Early deployment to seize development opportunities

Digital finance has set off a profound change affecting all levels of uses and implementation worldwide, prompting the financial industry to accelerate the digital innovation of their products and business models. Sunline has a keen insight into the development trend of the industry and decisively deployed its digital financial business in 2014. Starting from zero, Sunline relied on the technical advantages and professional experience accumulated in the financial core system field, quickly building a deep understanding of digital financial business and active innovation capabilities focusing on the dual development of technology and market.

Sunline took the lead in proposing the concept of digital core in 2015 and joined hands with WeBank to implement, opening up a new normal in digital financial business. Focusing on innovating businesses, reshaping infrastructure, capacity building, building platforms, strengthening services, deepening the scene, focusing on user value, providing customers with more personalized, convenient and professional services from technology to services. Sunline has successively helped Ping An Bank and others provide digital financial services. In 2020, Sunline landed a number of important banking projects in one year and maintained a leading position in the industry.

The early deployment of digital financial services is not limited to the domestic market. Sunline also exported China's digital financial capabilities overseas, becoming the first Chinese financial technology company to successfully implement digital financial systems for a large bank in Southeast Asia with strong competitiveness, winning IDC Top China Fintech 50 and Top 3 Banking Platform Vendors for Asia Pacific in Forrester's Global Banking Platform Deals Survey.

In a fierce competition, there is always a first-mover advantage and perseverance to continuously improvement is vital. The development of Sunline's digital financial business is the perfect interpretation of vision, ability and endurance.

Technological innovation and upgrading key technologies

Technological innovation and advanced products are the key behind a down-to-earth development.

Sunline believes that there are three key points in the system to meet the financial digital transformation needs:

·   The system must be able to bear the fluctuations brought by the era of Internet and digitalization.

·    The system must be seamless and customer-centric to improve customer experience and support smooth transactions.

·   The system must be flexible, allowing connection to lifestyles of customers through the account.

In 2020, Sunline has taken these as the direction and upgraded a number of key technologies:

·   Domain modeling and industry technology integration to build a new generation enterprise-level architecture.

·   Elastic scaling and multi-dimensional sharding to build a new generation distributed architecture that integrates microservices and unitization.

·   Componentized hierarchical design to build a general technology platform (EDSP) and financial application development platform (ADP).

Based on the overall enterprise level, Sunline’s digital core is developed and constructed using EDSP and ADP platform. It is the first domestic development platform to use pure JAVA system which can be deployed across platforms, operating systems and databases. Since its launch, Sunline digital core has been highly competitive and leading the market, being implemented in dozens of major banks in the core and credit card business fields.

The continuous innovation and growth of Sunline, the technology platform has been able to provide a complete technology system that supports microservices and distributed ecology ahead of the industry. It can be seamlessly expanded and customized according to specific landing plans. All products and components have independent intellectual property rights, without relying on commercial or third-party proprietary products or technologies to achieve controllable core technology.

Sunline has always established itself in the industry with innovation and professionalism, which has created advanced development and industry leading competitiveness for the company.

Continuous optimization of team work and project management mode

As the customers continues to increase, requirements for high-standard services have become vital. Sunline has stepped up to innovate a set of new project methodology suitable for the implementation of banking-related systems which covers consulting, design and demand in all stages of development, testing and launching. Sunline’s project services and management capabilities were upgraded in an all-round way to meet the higher requirements and challenges of major projects with the fully flexible resources allocation and maximize team effectiveness. At present, through the actual operation verification of multiple projects, this methodology has promoted the development of banking-related system projects  and has helped ensured the efficient and high-quality completion of the projects.

Sunline is always inseparable from professional services and technological innovation, attaching great importance to talent training and team stability, fully supporting the construction of talent team through scientific talent management mechanism and career development channels. It can be quickly fractalized and can also be flexibly combined to maintain the vitality and innovation of each combat unit and enhance professionalism to build the overall talent competitiveness of Sunline.

Scientific methodology has helped Sunline build an innovative and professional digital financial team but it is the team culture that truly injects unique temperament and beliefs into the team members. Looking back at Sunline’s digital financial business development process, from scratch to professionalism, this road is full of hardship and sweat. Sunline’s project teams has lost their way, met with the painstaking search in the dark but will always move forward with the ideals in their hearts, gather strength and face the ever-changing market environment, technological innovation and service demand with courage and bravery.

In the future, financial technology will still be unpredictable. What will never leave its origin is Sunline’s endless pursuit in technological innovation and professional services. It is our down-to-earth attitude and broad-minded attitude that allow us to further for reach the stars and bring forth the influence of China's financial technology globally.

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