Take a Look at the Progression of Sunline's Big Data Business by Leaps and Bounds in 2020
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As one of Sunline’s rising star, the company’s big data business has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two years. In 2020, Sunline’s big data has achieved rapid development in the innovation of eight major products and landing more than 20 heavyweight financial customers.

With the intensified digital transformation of the financial industry in 2020, big data has become a key capability for business empowerment. Sunline has invested heavily and seized opportunities for big data development, comprehensively polishing and continuously innovate the company’s products with a deep understanding of the financial market and business.

Showing strong market competitiveness with heavyweight project wins

Sunline’s big data business has gained a huge market share and demonstrated strong market competitiveness in China for more than 20 projects including National Clearing Center under People’s Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank of China, Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, China CITIC Bank, Zheshang Bank, Bohai Bank, Bank of Nanjing, Essence Securities and CITIC Construction Securities.

Sunline has always put our strength and professional services as the value we pursue and foundation of the company's foothold in the industry. Being chosen by our customers as their trusted partner to help them in their digital transformation journey further affirmed our choice. In 2020, Sunline's big data team have assisted Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Chengdu, China Galaxy Securities, China Power Finance and Sinochem, putting these big data projects into production smoothly and helping customers create value for their business with data.

Creating the industry's most comprehensive big data system

Relying on nearly two decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in the financial industry as well as a deep insight into the development trend of financial big data, Sunline has a comprehensive strategy for our big data business and establishes the business development goals with an overall vision and strategy for the business. To ensure we meet the implementation strategy with cutting edge big data technology, Sunline continuously research and enrich the company’s data center system framework and innovate data application products, realizing seamless and comprehensive front-end, mid-end and back-end data deployment.

In 2020, Sunline formed the industry's most comprehensive big data system and launched a number of leading big data products and solutions such as mid-end marketing, risk control stations, data service platforms, index management platforms, self-developed decision-making engines, data security management, large risk exposures and data warehouse migration.

Strengthened back-end data products

Back-end data is the base for middle-end’s decisions, providing ammunition support for the value of front-end data. Sunline has continuously improved our professionalism and technological advancement in the construction of traditional data warehouses to support the implementation of various data underlying platforms and at the same time refining data warehouse migration solutions to help banks transform in a safe and controlled path. Sunline’s big data products have been upgraded from the traditional monolithic architecture to distributed microservices architecture, realizing microservices based data unloading center, data loading center, monitoring center and enabling deployment of docker containers.

Innovative data center products

Sunline innovates and develops data service products, builds data service connections between the data platform and various data application systems and uses service engine products such as index engines and decision engines to help realize the serviceability of data capabilities, connect engine tools to background data, perform flexible configuration according to application scenarios, quickly form data services and provide efficient data services for the application side.

Data asset management is an important part of mid-end data system. Sunline has launched the overall data asset management and comprehensive management plan for financial enterprises to make standardize data and maximize the value of data assets.

Improved data application products

With the digital transformation of enterprises and the development of artificial intelligence technology, data applications are becoming more subdivided. In line with the development of times, Sunline has created an intelligent risk control center and marketing center with applied machine learning and mining models to the field of risk control and marketing to carry out information management through the platform and form an overall closed-loop operation, helping enterprises achieve more refined and smarter risk control as well as enabling smart marketing and personalized services.

Launched data development, operation and maintenance products

The integrity of a data product system is inseparable from DataOps system. Through the refinement of common scenarios in financial big data development, Sunline has launched an integrated data development management platform which greatly improves the efficiency of data development, comparing repeatability and value. Low development work forms a flexible and configurable platform to achieve rapid and efficient completion of data development, operation and maintenance work.

Sunline's big data business has become more prominent with continuous product innovation. If focus has given us the first opportunity to start then global capabilities and strategies have given us the core motivation to continue leading. Sunline took advantage of the trend, gathered resources quickly and did not hesitate to invest heavily to quickly form core competitiveness in big data business.

Joining forces to build a financial big data ecosystem

In 2020, Sunline and Huawei have reached an ecological cooperation to jointly create an integrated financial data warehouse solution, achieving complete integration from the underlying infrastructure to the data application architecture. The solution solves the problem of ineffectiveness in data assets management, meeting the needs of different scenarios and time-sensitive data services as well as supporting digital transformation of financial institutions in all directions.

At present, the financial integration data warehouse solution has been successively launched in four joint-stock banks and more than ten city commercial banks, providing data warehouses, data marts, precision marketing, customer portraits, regulatory submissions and other overall solutions to help customers promote digital construction.

The combination of powerful forces helped Sunline's big data business fully develop. This year's results are outstanding and awards are well-deserved. Sunline's big data products won the Top 10 recommended by financial data intelligence experts in 2020 Excellent solutions, financial data intelligent risk control innovation outstanding solutions, financial data intelligent network influence Top 10 outstanding solutions and many other industry awards.

As the saying goes, those who control the situation wins. Under the new opportunities of change, Sunline grasps the development trend of big data, comprehensively deploys and develops innovative products and strives to empower customers with advanced products and professional services, using big data to empower financial digital transformation.

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