Sunline Attends Green Computing Industrial Summit 2020 to Share Insights on Empowering Green Transformation for Financial Industry
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On November 26, Green Computing Industrial Summit 2020 hosted by the Green Computing Consortium convened in Beijing. Themed ‘Teaming Up for Green Computing’, the conference brought together top green computing leading companies in the world to discuss green computing standards, systems and development opportunities to empower the reformation of the computing industry direction. 

As a leading enterprise in the financial big data field and an important contributor of the green computing industry, Sunline was invited to participate in the conference to share the innovation and best practices of big data technology in the financial industry as well as how to promote the prosperity of the green computing ecosystem.



In recent years, the evolution and development of emerging technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence has brought about increasingly strong demand for green computing products with high efficiency, high performance and low energy consumption. There is an urgent need to obtain more powerful and diversified computing power to meet the computing needs of different application scenarios in the diverse industries.

Sunline has been focusing on empowering the financial industry with technological innovation and has worked with partners to create a safe, low-energy green computing industry ecology. In the field of banking data asset management, Sunline has long-term and profound technical accumulation, providing end-to-end data asset management solutions that covers planning, aggregation, management, analysis, application, etc. and has provided more than 100 banks worldwide with data asset management consulting and implementation services.

During the conference, Xiong Lin, Vice President of Sunline gave a keynote speech on how ‘Data Center Helps Bank Digital Transformation’ with data-driven business process scenarios, noting that smart finance is in the primary development stage of ‘narrow scenarios’ and ‘shallow applications’, having a lot of room for development with the help of new infrastructure. Sunline is an enterprise that empowers the financial industry through the creation of a green computing industry ecosystem not only provide higher quality applications for financial customers but also promote positive development of the computing industry ecology through market applications.

Xiong Lin, Vice President of Sunline


The prosperity of the green computing ecosystem requires joint strength from upstream and downstream partners in the industry from underlying hardware, software, complete machines to applications. As a leading financial technology service provider, Sunline will give full play to its strong technological innovation advantages in the financial field and to join forces with other industry partners in the development, acceleration and upgrade of the industrial chain, jointly creating an advanced, innovative and global green computing ecosystem.

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