Sunline and Henan Asset Management Jointly Build China's First Domestic Microservices Based Architecture Management Core System
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Recently, Sunline won the bid for a core system project for Henan Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Henan Asset Management), helping the company build the first domestic made microservices based architecture management core in China.

The adoption of supervision measures for financial asset management companies and other new regulations have affected the scale and layout of the non-performing asset industry, presenting an increasingly fierce ‘5 + 2 + N + banking system’ competition pattern. The pandemic has further aggravated the changes in the non-performing asset industry this year with the scale of non-performing assets continuing to rise and expand, creating a huge market space for asset management companies. Under the circumstances, further strengthening the informatization of asset management companies has become the top priority while in the long-term, businesses need to rapidly change development strategies.

Henan Asset Management is the pioneer in the construction of a localized microservices architecture core system 

Henan Asset Management is the new force in resolving financial risks in China and has been deeply implementing the three missions to resolve financial risks, serve reformation of state-owned enterprises and boost industrial transformation since its establishment. The company has been actively supporting structural reforms and continuously improving the benefits of serving the real economy, making every effort to build a modern asset management company with an international perspective. Under the rapid development and transformation of the non-performing asset industry, Henan Asset Management rapidly put the construction of IT system on the agenda to achieve business data structure, process, refinement and standardization through a robust core system construction, comprehensively enhancing market competitiveness.

In the early stage of the project implementation, Henan Asset Management carefully researched and inspected the system construction of domestic asset management companies and service providers to establish the first localized microservices based architecture core system in the capital management industry to empower business with technology as well as accelerate business transformation and development. Sunline majors in advanced microservices, diversified technologies and rich experience in the implementation of asset management projects which have won high recognitions from customers.

Sunline Asset Management Core System Empowers Digital Conversions of Henan Asset Management

As early as 5 years ago, Sunline began to lay out the core system for asset management industry based on the company’s rich IT service experience in the financial field combined with the latest development trend of financial technology to meet the development needs of asset management core. Up until now, Sunline has successfully implemented the company’s core system in 20 domestic asset management companies, including five major asset management companies and local asset management companies.

Sunline combines the current state of Henan Asset Management’s demand, architectural planning and advanced market technology to create a new generation core solution that meets the development needs of the company's asset businesses, supporting the business components with strong scalability, stability, security and business adaptability, quickly responding to business innovation or changes and fully empowering digital transformation and development of the company.

Taking a look at the advancement of Sunline's asset management core system

Sunline Asset Management Core Solution combines the latest technologies from Sunline, equipped with open source Spring as the main technology system and using distributed microservices based technology architecture with the support for localized database deployment. 

·    Using professional accounting engine and based on the use of workflow engine and rule engine, the solution creates a one-stop project operation, de-menu operation, process efficient core business system to meet the needs of Henan Asset Management's personalized services.

·    Can be connected to external big data to realize digital business operations based on big data applications, big data due diligence, big data risk control, intelligent estimation, etc.

·    Adopts project-driven operation mode and component-based flexible configuration to effectively support various core business operation processes to be more structured, open and componentized.

·    Realize the electronic, process and standardization of business and management to prevent and resolve business risks, standardize business operations, assist management decision-making, improve work efficiency, promote business development, reduce management costs, and improve asset management efficiency.

The Henan Asset Management Core Project is the first domestically-made microservices based architecture core system case for the asset management industry and is of great significance to the subsequent IT system construction in the entire asset management industry. Sunline will gradually become a great help to increase innovation and continue to upgrade products in helping more asset management companies reshape their competitive advantages and achieve breakthrough business development.

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