The Influence of Sunline's Project Culture to Drive Enthusiasm, Initiative and Responsibility in Team Members
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In May 2019, Zhengzhou Yutong's new financial core and peripheral construction project was officially launched. The construction involved 8 subsystems such as core system, settlement system, online banking system, credit system, bank-enterprise direct connection, data warehouse and reporting platform. Sunline realized a smooth project launch for Zhengzhou Yutong Finance in just 6 months, creating a precedent for the launch cycle of the core and peripheral systems of a financial company.

Excellent project management is the foundation and guarantee for project success. Under the influence of the core values of ‘sharing results among employees, sharing responsibilities among team members and sharing successes with customers’, Sunline has extended a unique project management culture.

Integration: People-oriented management model

In terms of project management, Sunline has always implemented a people-oriented principle, respecting the personality, characteristics and independence of each team member, giving full authorization to project team members to mobilize enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, stimulate their potential and adopt a series of specific measures to allow project team members to quickly integrate into the project and carry out work in a direction:

1. Carry out training and encourage team members to ask questions

Before project implementation, project management team will actively organize various business and technical trainings to allow team members to quickly become familiar with the project demand, allowing them to quickly upgrade themselves as well as integrate their technical and business strengths.

If the team are met with any technical or business issues during discussions, team members are encouraged to solve the issues as a team. Leaders encourage team members to actively ask one another for advice, teach each other and learn from each other's strengths so that every member can improve and gain knowledge.

2. Organize various activities to promote team work

In Sunline, caring about project team members is the foundation in team work cultivation. In order to promote the tacit understanding and collaboration between team members from different departments, the project team actively organizes activities to enrich the lives of employees and make project members enjoyable while enhancing mutual understanding and trust.

Project team leaders regularly organize group activities such as badminton and table tennis competitions on weekends in order to exercise their physical and mental fitness.

In Sunline's point of view, people-oriented is not hard to achieve. First of all, as an independent individual, everyone needs to be fully respected and understood and to be accepted for their differences in thoughts, opinions and personalities. The different strength points of each person can be discovered and cultivated with enough space given to play their personal abilities and values. Secondly, a project team is like an army. The team must have a strong physique, professional skills, excellent strategic plans and clear goals, winning every war with team work, fighting for a common goal and fighting for honor.

Competition: Stimulating potential

There is no progress without competition because competition is a type of driving force that can promote personal development. Practicing a people-oriented management model, Sunline pays great attention to cultivate competitiveness of project team members.

As an example, when the project team faces a drawback during project testing caused by software bug, team members will work together to solve the issues by classifying and prioritizing the bug before assigning relevant groups according to the subsystem to solve the bug situation. Each group leader will arrange team members to solve the issues according to difficulty level and evaluate each team according to their performance to set the corresponding reward mechanism.

In order to achieve the goal, each group leader mobilizes their members to work together at all times. In a competitive state, there will always be unexpected sparks that exceed the task every day. During the project implementation phase, there were a time when a project group was slightly behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances but members of the group who were unwilling to fall behind and delay the whole project and other groups so they voluntarily work overtime to catch up with the progress of other groups.

In a competitive environment, the collective sense of honor of the project team members can fully utilized and the sense of ownership and team awareness can be improved. Team members will make the team's goal as their own personal goal while the progress and quality of the delivery are regarded as their own pride, guaranteeing a quality project delivery.

Zhengzhou Yutong's financial core and peripheral construction project was successfully delivered

Right before Zhengzhou Yutong's financial core project was scheduled to go online, customer could not find the driver certificate when handling Ukey plug-in and had to look in their legacy system to find it. However, the customer’s legacy system no longer has any maintenance personnel, adding to the difficulties during project implementation. In order to ensure that the project go online as scheduled, Sunline’s project team did not stop until they reached their goals. After fighting for three consecutive nights, the problem was finally solved the night before the launch.

During the on-line mobilization meeting, everyone's morale was sky high and everyone was motivated and ready to deliver the project. 

In November 2019, the project was successfully launched, creating a precedent in efficient timeline of 6 months for a financial company's core and peripheral systems to go online. The project team members who have been fighting for several nights were not able to conceal their excitement and joy albeit feeling tired because of the satisfaction from winning a war.

Under Sunline's project management to drive integration and competition, in addition to inheriting the company's core values  to the team members’, their sense of enthusiasm, initiative and responsibility have been added to their own wealth of experience, allowing them to achieve more brilliant results in future projects and their future undertakings.

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