Sunline Attended Huawei Digital Intelligence Finance Forum, Shares Insights on Bank's Digital Transformation Path
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On November 26-27, 2020, Huawei Digital Finance Forum convened with the theme ‘Enabling Innovation with Digital Intelligence Finance’ in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, bringing together national financial experts to discuss on how to build a future-oriented data intelligence platform, accelerate  capitalization of data, improve efficiency, enable innovation and how major players can jointly build a future-oriented smart financial system. Sunline, as a leading domestic financial technology company and an important partner of Huawei was invited to participate in the forum to share about the digital transformation path for banks.


With the development of digital economy, technology has become a key driving force for the transformation of the financial industry, acceleration of the update and evolution of financial products, deepening of the transformation of business processes and business models and reshaping of the industry structure. The integration of financial institutions and technology industry is getting closer. Data warehouses, smart data lakes, knowledge graphs and AI platforms are becoming the core technology components of new finance, providing new ideas for the development of precision marketing, smart risk control and inclusive finance.

As a leading financial technology solution service provider, Sunline has a long-term and profound technical accumulation in the financial big data field with independently developed data warehouses, unified data service platforms, data asset management platforms, etc. based on the core functional components of big data. Leading big data products are widely used in financial risk control, marketing and other fields to provide financial institutions with an integrated data intelligence ecosystem.

At the Huawei Digital Intelligence Finance Forum, Mr. Gu Min, Executive Deputy General Manager of Sunline's Big Data Business represented Sunline to share the digital transformation path of the bank, from business digitalization to layered analysis and interpretation, helping banks build an integrated data closed loop and a smart bank with the support of financial technology. At the same time, unveiling the joint fusion data warehouse solution by Sunline and Huawei.

 Mr. Gu Min, Executive Deputy General Manager of Sunline’s Big Data Business


The converged data warehouse solution composed of ‘convergence-management-calculation-use’ solutions provided by Sunline for financial industry data running on Huawei's software and hardware infrastructure to achieving complete integration from the underlying infrastructure to the data application architecture. The solution solves the problem so that customers can effectively manage data assets from data collection, storage and calculation, meeting the needs of different scenarios and time-sensitive data services to fully realize the value of data assets.

With the rapid development of the digital economy today, data assets have become a new factor of production. Making full use of data to empower businesses and accelerate data assetization is critical to the digital transformation of the financial industry. As a leading financial technology company, Sunline will give full play to its strong technical innovation and application practice in the field of financial big data and form a joint force to deliver innovation and development with other industry partners, helping financial institutions flourish in the digital age.

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