Sunline Opens Up New Horizon for Safe and Controlled Road of Credit Card Core System
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Credit card core system and integrated core business system are two pillar systems in banking technologies and play decisive roles in banks’ business operations, user experience and affect their comprehensive competitiveness.

Sunline, as a leading solution provider that has been deeply involved in the core areas of banks for many years has opened up new horizons for credit card core system in the recent years with innovative products and service models based on emerging technologies and architectural concepts, reshaping traditional financial ecology.

1. Establishment the general trend of credit card core security and controllability

When credit card businesses were just introduced in China, the technologies were still new and there were lacking in professional personnel so major card issuer banks can only use the model from foreign banks, using their mature systems, rich business experience and professional talent teams to quickly conduct business.
There have been many disruptive technological and business innovations in the credit card field in China after more than 20 years of exploration and experiments as well as stimulated by the strong demand formed by the huge population. The original advanced and mature imported system can no longer adapt to the continuous evolution the market needs.

Banks are the pillar industry of a country's economic lifeline and their basic positioning of independence and control has risen to the strategic height of national security. It is an inevitable choice and trend for banks to use domestic solutions and break potential strategic security risks.

2. China CITIC Bank took the lead in achieving a safe and controllable breakthrough

China CITIC Bank has made China proud by becoming an explorer in the field of autonomous control, successfully launching StarCard, a new credit card core system based on its own cloud architecture on the eve of November 11 (Double 11), 2019 and achieving a breakthrough.

The StarCard system built by Sunline is a national production, attribute of "domestic server + domestic database + domestic software" and has become a whirlwind in the industry, wrinkling the peace of mind of major bank card centers. China CITIC Bank's move has indeed changed the development history of China's credit card core system and a large number of exchanges and research banks began to appear after the launching of StarCard.

The ‘Double 11’ test came soon after the StarCard system was launched. In the early morning of the same day, the online credit card transaction volume exceeded RMB 100 million in only 2 minutes and exceeded RMB 1 billion within one hour with transaction processing speed increased three-fold. StarCard is an advanced and robust system which is in line with the country’s secure and controllable strategy.

3. Sunline Credit Card Core System focuses on security and controllability

Sunline has always adhered to the independent R&D and technological innovation. Over the years, Sunline has led the rapid development of financial technology and CITIC Bank credit card core system is a major breakthrough towards a secure and controllable strategic route.

Sunline Credit Card Core System is advanced in many aspects:

• At the architectural level, the construction is based on localization and digital positioning.

The architecture design uses domestic database, relies on an autonomous, secure and reliable distributed architecture, fully considers the massive data of the mobile internet and uses a flexible business modeling system to drive micro-service splitting, realizing the stable traditional core while having features of the digital core like high scalability, high processing efficiency and high flexibility, enabling the bank's credit card business to innovate and maximizing flexibility.

• In terms of technological innovation, the real-time accounting mode is adopted to process authorized transactions within a short period of time through the daytime batch method and the available quota is restored in real time.

Traditional credit card systems mostly run on rigorous dual-information processing modes which faces issues where network environment and online real-time processing capabilities are not superior enough. In desperation, complex calculations and database operations are executed in batches at night. Nowadays, distributed open platform has become increasingly mature, online processing capabilities and system throughput have been greatly developed, solving the original bottleneck issues in the technical environment. On this basis, Sunline has realized the real-time accounting mode and solved on of the major industry shackles.

• At the business application level, it provides customer-centric intelligent services, handles various types of businesses in the credit card field based on accounts and builds a credit card financial technology platform based on digital concepts.

Based on the basic idea of microservices, a variety of independent and collaborative competence centers was established, including product centers, pricing centers, quota centers, authorization centers, accounting centers, etc. Relying on this for product innovation and centralized business operations and through standard, compatible service interfaces, the system provides external development capabilities and connect the relevant participants to share the benefits of financial technology.

At the same time, the system adopts a data-driven concept to drive each link in the business chain through transaction data so that it can perform specific business processing with the assistance of various competence centers to meet the needs of bank credit card business in terms of marketing, product, risk, operation, data and service requirements for complex scenarios.

Sunline uses accumulated knowledge and practical experience in the financial industry to participate in the creation of the first cloud-based credit card core system with independent intellectual property rights in China, and achieved a breakthrough in the credit card industry, providing an important reference value to the domestic credit card industry.

With the experience, Sunline will also take this opportunity to lead the development direction of the credit card core system and reshape the future of the credit card business.

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