Sunline Wins New Credit Card Core Project, Promoting Security Control Process for a Large State-owned Bank
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Recently, Sunline just landed the new core authorization system and card issuance system for Bank of Communications Pacific Credit Card Center. This implementation will help Bank of Communications build China's first secure and controllable large state-owned bank credit card core system. This is the next large state-owned bank project after Sunline won the bid for the new core technology platform and bank remittance component project for Postal Savings Bank earlier this year.

Complying with national strategy, Bank of Communications is the first to implement secure and controllable credit card core system among large state-owned banks

The financial industry is the lifeblood of a country's economy, hence achieving the security and controllability of information technology in the financial industry is essential to economic development and national stability. Following the secure and controllability of credit card core systems of large joint-stock banks such as Ping An Bank and China CITIC Bank, credit card core systems of China's banking industry have entered a new round of localization upgrade and transformation cycle. The Bank of Communications took the lead to kick off the localization of credit card core systems for large state-owned banks which will further promote the comprehensive realization of security and control of the IT system for the nation's banking industry.

Bank of Communications is one of the six major state-owned banks with 3,079 business outlets in China and 22 overseas branches (subsidiaries) and representative offices in 17 countries. As early as 2004, Bank of Communications entered the credit card business, introduced HSBC’s advanced technology and management, established Bank of Communications Pacific Credit Card Center and launched a credit card product that integrates global and local advantages. Over the years, Bank of Communications’ credit cards have been at the forefront of business innovation. As of the end of 2019, the cumulative number of cards issued by the bank has exceeded 120 million.

In recent years, the wave of digitization and credit creation has swept across the country. In order to actively respond to the national security and controllable strategy, better comply with the development trend of domestic and foreign credit card business, comprehensively improve unified customer management as well as unifying card issuance management, authorization system and account. With basic business management capabilities such as service management, unified product system and unified parameter management, the Bank of Communications opened the way for localization of credit card cores and built a secure and controllable unitized distributed architecture credit card core system.

Sunline takes advantage of the trend to develop secure and controllable core systems for large state-owned banks

The new credit card core project for Bank of Communications is the first major credit card core system project of a large state-owned bank and it is self-evident that the importance, industry influence and requirements for technological advancement of cooperative manufacturers are high. Benchmark projects in credit card core systems such as China CITIC Bank uses leading technologies like modular distributed architecture and have become the leaders of this historic change in China’s banking industry.

The new credit card core project for Bank of Communications is divided into three major systems. Sunline is responsible for two of the major systems, the authorization and the card issuance system. The project covers the pass component of the technology platform, adopts an advanced distributed microservice architecture, as well as establishes various independent and collaborative competence centers to fully support the rapid deployment of Bank of Communications' credit card business, enabling the bank to meet high-concurrency customer transaction needs and greatly enhances the operations and product innovation capabilities of the bank’s credit card business.

Sunline focuses on the advanced development in technological innovation, security and controllability

Sunline started the development of core banking systems in 2002 and has since served more than 800 customers. In the early stage, customers were mainly city and rural commercial banks, and later gradually expanded to large joint-stock banks. In early 2020, Sunline won the new core technology platform and bank remittance project for Postal Savings Bank with distributed proprietary technology and successfully moved towards other fields of large state-owned banks. Winning the credit card core system project for Bank of Communications further expand Sunline’s foothold in large state-owned banks and will further establish Sunline’s position in the field of financial IT systems.

From city and rural commercial banks to large state-owned banks, the advanced development of Sunline is inseparable from the key factors of focus on innovation, security and control.

Sunline always ensure the advancement of products and technologies, and the company’s mission in fully supporting banks future business development. This year, Sunline has launched a ‘microservice + unitized" distributed architecture core business system, opening a new core business era for banks. Sunline prioritizes its R&D and the investment for R&D has reached 15% of the company's revenue in 2019.

Under the national security and controllable strategy, the banking industry is accelerating the pace of localization of key systems. Sunline has implemented two cases of independent and controllable core systems for WeBank and Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank. In the credit card field, Sunline has created benchmark projects for credit cards such as Ping An Bank and China CITIC Bank, and uses these monumental projects to promote the implementation of information security and controllable strategy of China's banking industry.

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