Sunline Won the Direct Banking Project for Huishang Bank, Empowering Digital Operating Capabilities of the Bank with Its Intelligent Marketing Center
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Sunline has recently won the bid for Huishang Bank’s direct banking project to develop an omni-channel intelligent marketing platform, empowering the digital operating capabilities of the bank.

Huishang Bank uses direct banking as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation

Direct banking has become an important starting point for many commercial banks to explore financial technologies in carrying out capital-light operations. Huishang Bank’s direct banking, Hui Chang You Cai is the first in China to achieve internet inclusive finance. Through direct banking, it breaks development bottlenecks and realizes model and business innovations. At the end of 2019, Hui Chang You Cai has achieved impressive results with over 19 million users and annual net profit of over RMB500 million.

With the increasing diversification of user needs as well as the development and changes of the market environment and regulatory policies, direct banking are facing issues associated with growth; Hui Chang You Cai is no exception. Its customer operations are faced with many challenges such as complex customer backgrounds, diversified customer needs and personalized customer preferences. Traditional service methods can no longer meet the need for rapid response, accurate customer acquisition and flexibility in the new environment that are important for customer loyalty.

Therefore, Huishang Bank urgently need to build an intelligent marketing platform, strengthening the ability of its direct bank to gather merchants and customers, realizing the integration of products and services of the bank and systematically improve customer marketing and operation capabilities.

Sunline helped Huishang Bank's direct bank create a new generation real-time, agile and intelligent marketing model

In recent years, Sunline has made rapid progresses in the field of financial big data, specializing in data applications, data services and data management. The intelligent marketing platform created for Huishang Bank’s direct bank not only grasps the future trend of direct banking services, also integrate customer life scenarios to achieve ecological platform construction, which is in line with the development objectives of Huishang Bank Direct Bank.

Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center covers the entire life cycle of customer marketing scenarios, creatively encapsulates the marketing process in scenarios and provides customers with a full set of visual configuration templates, enabling flexible operations and one-click deployment demands to meet customers' individuality.
Through Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center, Hui Chang You Cai can be transformed and realize the transformation of customer operations from ‘one interface for a thousand people’ to ‘a thousand interface for a thousand people’ in marketing scenarios and from ‘fragmented marketing’ to ‘omni-channel marketing’, improving the service efficiency of direct banking and providing customers with scenario-based, personalized and diversified financial services. Huishang Bank can now accurately grasp customer needs, respond to market changes in a timely manner and have first-mover advantages in digital marketing transformation.

Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center hits the industry with innovation and professionalism

Sunline has developed an intelligent marketing platform based on the company’s experiences and knowledge in financial big data with a number of outstanding advantages and can fully help banks improve financial service efficiency and accelerate their digital marketing transformation.

1. Fully integrate customer lifestyle scenarios
Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center covers full life cycle marketing scenarios such as customer card binding, product recommendation, asset enhancement and customer retention, realizing an all-round and full-cycle management of marketing activities and data requirements, responding accurately and timely to customer needs, ultimately saving the marketing costs for the bank.

2. Systematically improve the efficiency of banks
Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center combines the latest technological achievements and uses big data to drive a real-time, agile and intelligent marketing model which greatly improves the bank's capabilities in risk control, anti-fraud, product pricing, precision marketing and robo-advisory.

3. Flexible configuration of marketing activities
Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center is oriented from a business perspective that fully realizes the flexible configuration and personalized management of marketing activity elements, enabling business departments complete marketing tasks conveniently and quickly.

4. Stable export of financial products and services
Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center can be connected to professional service platforms in related fields and stably export financial products and financial services to these platforms.

The products and solutions by Sunline are developed and reinvented with nearly 20 decades of industry knowledge and experience. Sunline Intelligent Marketing Center perfectly depicts the innovation and professionalism of the company, as well as the mission and core values of Sunline to provide the most comprehensive and secure financial solutions for banks and financial institutions.

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