Sunline Wins Bohai Bank's Data Unified Service Platform Project to Empower the Bank's Big Data Services
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Sunline’s big data business is on the limelight recently, winning multiple banks’ project with advanced and professional data service capabilities. Sunline’s big data business has recently won another project to develop Bohai Bank's unified data service platform, enabling the bank to improve operational management efficiency and enabling the bank to quickly empower business scenarios.

Bohai Bank uses Sunline’s data unified service platform to open up the data service chain

As one of the youngest national joint-stock banks, Bohai Bank has rapid innovation advantages and opportunities brought by the implementation of national strategies and the development of financial technology and the bank aims to provide the best experience for customers in modern treasury.

In the Data Technology (DT) era, banks are focusing in solutions to implement their goals of data governance planning, actively implement the new regulatory guidelines for data governance, effectively improve their data value creation capabilities, tap the hidden value of data and improve the efficiency of banks operation and management. Bohai Bank have taken the steps to develop a unified service platform that integrates the external service capabilities of its big data platform into an accurate, sharable and secure data platform to truly turns big data services from being a ‘concept’ to ‘value’.

Sunline Data Unified Service Platform Empowers Data Mining

Sunline’s data unified service platform allows data to form a closed loop between the data platform and business system, realizing the decoupling of applications and data, sharing and use of data between systems through centralized management and enabling prompt actions according to the scene. Service configuration and release provide a full set of visualization and configurable templates in various scenarios to meet the individual needs of flexible operation and one-click deployment, enabling banks to accurately grasp customer needs and respond to market changes in a timely manner.

Sunline helps Bohai Bank realize unified management and monitoring of data services through the unified data service platform to provide a diverse and convenient data services for use across the bank, maximizing the value of data assets.

Sunline’s big data products are built with innovation and professionalism in mind, and are recognized for their great capabilities

Sunline has set foot in the field of financial big data and has developed a number of eminent products and solutions, applied by Ping An Bank, Hengfeng Bank, Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Zhengzhou, etc.

Sunline’s developed data unified service platform is the company’s latest outstanding product with:

1. Advanced containerized microservice architecture
Adopting a container-based microservice architecture with features such as autonomy, isolation, flexibility, adaptability, responsive, decentralization, composability, automation, etc. to support the management, configuration, multi-tenancy, resource isolation and service grayscale of cluster resources release and other functions.

2. Quick configuration of service capabilities to enable business scenarios
Based on resources such as data or programs, services can be quickly configured and released according to business scenarios and the released services can be organized and combined to form a service group. After online testing is completed, they can be directly released into applications, which greatly enriches the bank's unified data service capabilities.

3. Service visualization
The configuration, release and orchestration combination of services is fully visualized, which is very convenient and user friendly. The service management, monitoring, analysis and other functions also use visual operation pages to greatly enhance the intuitive experience.

4. High performance
The unified data service platform is highly available, concurrent and stable with load balancing, fault tolerance and rapid expansion. It can quickly expand computing resources to meet the seamless use of business as system pressure increased.

At present, Sunline's big data products have been widely implemented in numerous banks and financial institutions, receiving unanimous praises. ‘Helping financial institutions make good use of their data’ is Sunline’s original intention when developing big data products and is also a powerful driving force that drive Sunline to continuously develop and reinvent its big data products.

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