Sunline Listed in Two Impactful Industry Rankings in China
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Recently, Sunline has been listed in two impactful industry ranking, “2020 China Top 100 Competitive Fintech” and “2020 Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies”, reaffirming Sunline’s ability in continuous innovation and achievements.

The President of China, Xi Jinping has always urge companies own their key technologies, ensuring they always stay up to date with the latest. Sunline always ensure the company is heavily invested in key technologies such as application development platforms, DevOps, distributed, microservices, and enterprise-level financial open platforms, leading the industry with technology advancement.


Sunline is ranked in 2020 China Top 100 Competitive Fintech

On June 29, Zhongguancun Internet Finance Institute and China Internet Finance Forum (CIF30) released the list for " China Top 100 Competitive Fintech". Sunline has made it to the list with its strong competitiveness in various sub-sectors of financial technology, high capital market recognition and industry representative strength.


The winners were strictly selected in terms of growth, leading in terms of models and technologies, technology-intensive, innovation-driven and can support national strategies or drive new formats.

In terms of technological innovation, it has long embedded in to Sunline’s genetic. The story of Sunline’s establishment began in 2002 with the hope to build a platform to allow talented and motivated individuals to make use of their talents to truly realize the common growth of themselves and the company. For the past 18 years, Sunline has been adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and gradually becoming the nation's first-class financial technology company.


Sunline makes it to 2020 Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies

On June 22, Forbes China announced "2020 Forbes China 50 Most Innovative Companies”, with leading enterprises like Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, Sunline and other companies in the industry successfully making it on the list.


Forbes evaluates the nominee's innovation ability in terms of business model, enterprise R&D investment, core independent intellectual property rights, transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as the growth of the company to rank. A total of 50 local enterprises have been nominated. Forbes China hopes to pass the list Identify companies that lead the development of the industry or have a significant influence on the progress of the industry.
For the past 18 years, Sunline has focus in providing the best financial technology and innovation for the industry through continuous research and development. In 2019, Sunline has invested 15% of the company’s revenue in research and development, technical personnel in the company accounted for more than 90% of the total employees and has received nearly 300 software copyrights. Besides being the first service provider in China to develop the industry's first JAVA based core banking system, Sunline is also the first to develop distributed core banking system, the first to develop a distributed, microservice and unified based core banking system as well as many first in the industry.


Sunline continuously walk the path of innovation that empowers the development of the industry with technology and enhances China's financial industry with the best technologies. Sunline will continue to lead the development of the financial industry in the nation and promotes the ambition of China's financial technology to lead the development of financial technologies in the rest of the world.

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