CB Insights Gives Three Reasons for Ranking Sunline as China's Top 50 Fintech
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On June 29, CB Insights China announced CB Insights China's Top 50 Fintech List and Sunline has made it to the list with the company’s technological advantages, market development and overall impact on the financial industry.

CB Insights China ranks top Fintechs according to their breakthrough innovative technologies and excellent business models. Based on the DPTC system (Depth, Popularity, Tendency, Collaboration), CB Insights comprehensively evaluates the Fintechs’ strength, external attitudes, trends and cooperation performance, then selects the top players in China's Fintech among the nominees.

In the field of china's financial technology, Sunline has become synonymous as a strong fintech innovator, having their own proprietary technologies in key areas and has been leading the development of the financial industry by empowering the digital transformation and core modernization initiatives of financial institutions.


CB Insights View:

CB Insights China comprehensively evaluates the reasons for Sunline to be selected as Top 50 Chinese Fintech companies:

Sunline focuses mainly on the development and implementation of core banking systems, being one of the few companies in China to have a completely independent core system:

•   In 2019, Sunline created a new-generation core business system based on the domestic financial-grade distributed database Tencent TDSQL for Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, helping the bank become the first commercial bank in the country to have a domestic distributed core business system.

•   The main position of Sunline's previous business was small and medium-sized commercial banks. In 2019, Sunline won the bid for China Postal Savings Bank and achieved a steady market expansion to the large state-owned commercial bank market.

Sunline is quite competitive in the field of financial big data analysis. In addition to winning the bid for Bank of China’s payment system data governance consulting service project in 2019, the company also joined the Huawei Intelligent Data Alliance to target the Big Data Industry and jointly build the big data ecosystem with upstream and downstream partners.

In terms of overseas expansion, Sunline focuses on the Southeast Asian market. In 2019, its overseas business scale exceeded 100 million revenue for the first time and achieved profitability. It became the first company to successfully land a Chinese core solutions in a large-scale Southeast Asian bank.

(The above content is from the CB Insights perspective)

Making it to three consecutive impactful rankings in the industry not only represent the high degree of recognition by industry authorities but also a strong proof of Sunline’s outstanding comprehensive capabilities and independent innovation capabilities in the financial technology field. Sunline will continue to empower the development of the industry with innovative technological methods and business models, aiming to be the top global financial technology provider.

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