Here Comes the Nation's First Distributed Microservices Built Core Banking System
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6th June 2020 marks the official operation of Sunline’s new generation distributed V8 core banking system in Bank of Dongguan. The advanced technology and outstanding support ability to the business will empower core modernization initiatives and realize digital transformations for banks.


Core banking system should actively empower digital innovations of banks

Core banking system is the core competence of Sunline ever since the development of the company. For the past 20 years, Sunline has led the transformation of core areas of numerous banks through continuous innovation of its core banking system and has maintained one of most preferred technology partners for banks.

The next generation core banking system should have customer-centric business processing ability with unified and microservices based architecture in order to meet the requirements of massive data and transaction processing in the digital era. The architecture needs to be able to support the flexible combination of service level deployment and unify unlimited dynamic expansion to meet the scalability needs of banks in their future business development, have the abilities in development, business and technology agility to support rapid innovation of financial products. A future-proof foundation of the core system is crucial in empowering a bank’s digital transformation and innovation.

With almost two decades of experience in financial technology and business, Sunline has integrated the finest architecture in the development of the newly launched SunLTTS V8 system. As the nation's first core banking system with a unified microservices based architecture, SunLTTS V8 will help banks solve performance bottlenecks, improve high availability and dynamic capacity and quickly realize digital transformation with flexible products, pricing and marketing.


SunLTTS V8 – The nation’s first distributed microservices based unified architecture

The distributed architecture can be divided into several modes:

1.  Microservices architecture that is split according to business modules, such as: deposits, loans, etc.

2.  Unit-based structure according to customer dimension, slicing of core data scattered to multiple database management

3. Microservices based unified architecture not only simplifies the complexity of the system but also boost horizontal expansion ability and is the industry-leading distributed architecture model

Sunline combined advanced financial technologies and experience to develop an enterprise-class distributed microservices based unified core banking system to effectively improve the availability and scalability the bank’s system, boosting cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the bank.



V8 adopts microservices based architecture at the application level and is based on domain modeling theory which decouples the bank's core business system according to the business area, dividing it into functional groups such as customer center microservice group, product center microservice group, public microservice group, deposit microservice group, loan microservice group, accounting microservice group, each microservice group which consist of a series of single functional responsibilities and high cohesive business services.



V8 uses a distributed solution based on the unified architecture design pattern, partitioning the data by customer dimension. Each partitioning as one unit with its own unique application and data. For example, a bank with 100 million accounts is divided into 10 units, hence each unit store and manage 10 million accounts. The subsequent dynamic scale-out of the unit will effectively cope with the massive data and transaction processing requirements of the big data era.


Why is V8 better and is leading the industry?

The new generation distributed V8 core business system gives the bank more vitality, actively empowering the digital innovation of the bank.


Practical architecture:

V8 microservices architecture fully reflects the software engineering for "strong cohesion low coupling" design concept and can effectively reduce the complexity of the system, construction, upgrade, operation and maintenance risk, bringing greater convenience to the development and application of the system.


Flexible deployment:

V8 adopts microservices architecture to give the system a strong degree of flexibility, dynamically adjustable access mode between services, enabling the system to be flexibly assembled into a variety of deployment architecture, including micro-service group deployment mode, united deployment mode, micro-service group and uniting combination of deployment, centralized deployment, etc. to meet the deployment needs of different levels of banks;


Easy expansion:

The microservices architecture model allows each services to scale independently and deploys the scale of the needs based on the size of each service. The modular architecture provides great convenience for the overall expansion of the system by rapidly building a complete business-completed logical deployment unit. At the same time, the distribution of large amounts of business data evenly to the different machine nodes of the database cluster allow the bank to better meet the processing requirements of account and transaction billion severity.


Secure operating system:

Each node in application layer of the system adopts cluster deployment and the data layer avoids single point of failure by defining a clear service boundary between subsystems. The united architecture can effectively isolate failures through units, narrow the "explosion radius" and avoid having an impact on the total number of customers.


Faster development and operation:

V8 version has a complete set of development operations tools, using Sunline's independently developed microservices framework (SunEDSP) and application development platform (SunADP) to support the integrated operation management suite (MOne platform) and deep integration of DevOps system, effectively solving the bank's core business system with distributed micro-services application development, continuous delivery, continuous integration, containerization and cloud deployment. Based on the service gateway, the system can flexibly adapt a variety of protocols with traffic control, packet routing, fail-over, failure recovery, service fuse, service degradation, permission control, security control, parameter filtering and other service governance capabilities.


More comprehensive business functions:

V8 adopts customer-centric, product-based and data-driven business function design based on componentized technology solutions to build a business processing center for different scenarios of banks. V8 not only has a perfect multi-legal system entity, flexible transaction and accounting separation mechanism, comprehensive financial product factory, multi-modal account system, but also supports personalized differential pricing, online and offline scene integration processing, fully demonstrated the customer-centric full-service capabilities, while being able to speed up the digital transformation process of banks, enhance open capacity, build a financial services ecosystem to provide a strong trading engine.


Sunline has always been a leader in Core Banking System

Sunline has almost two decades of experience in the development of core baking systems, possessing leading proprietary technical capabilities in distributed technology components as well as strong business and technical capabilities, and. As early as 2015, WeBank joined forces with Sunline to build the first domestic financial localized distributed core banking system with unit-based architecture, and which Sunline has successfully implemented for Bank of Shanghai, Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank, Jingu Rural Commercial Bank, Huatong Bank and other banks. During the outbreak, Sunline core business system team is still actively engaged in the implementation of the large state-owned bank under construction, Dongguan Bank and other distributed core business system projects, and as June 6 has successfully helped put into operation Dongguan Bank's new generation of distributed core banking system.

With a deep understanding in the banking industry and implementation experience, coupled with the innovative gene and holding to independent research and development to continuously enhance the core business system capabilities to support the development of banks, Sunline is known as the leader of financial technology innovation. At present, Sunline has served nearly 100 banks in their core modernization journey.

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