Sunline Selected as the Sole Partner in Shanghai Pudong Finance's New Business System Transformation Project
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Recently, Sunline successfully helped Shanghai Pudong Development Group Finance Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Pudong Finance) launch the new generation financial business system and create an industry benchmark project in the field.


As the “internal bank” of an enterprise, group finance company takes on increasingly important functions of capital management and financial services. However, with financial globalization and rapid advancement of digital technology, group finance companies are facing strong competitions from other financial institutions and fintechs. Transforming with the right technologies and remaining at the top of the competition has become a major issue that group financial companies must solve.


Shanghai Pudong Finance takes advantage of the trend, driving business transformation with digital technology

Shanghai Pudong Finance is one of the first batch of financial companies established in Shanghai and is first-class in terms of innovation. Serving as the "heart" of the business operations of the group finance company as well as supporting the management information system and decision support system. Hence, having a highly flexible, secure and scalable business system is the key step for the digital transformation of Shanghai Pudong Finance.


Shanghai Pudong Finance’s traditional business system can no longer meet the needs of both internal and external environmental changes, and is unable to support the continuous development and management of the company.

    ·  Tight coupling causing high degree of reliance between system modules

    ·  Low degree of automation and slow realization of business cycle

    ·  Collection, analysis and use of data unable to meet demands

    ·  Lack of flexibility in approval processes

    ·  Aged equipment with insufficient safety measures


Shanghai Pudong Finance is in urgent need of a new generation digital business system to drive organizational model optimization, business model innovation, business process and user experience improvement.


Sunline’s new generation business system empowers the digital transformation of Shanghai Pudong Finance

The business system developed for Shanghai Pudong Finance covers all main businesses such as core, settlement, credit, digital banking, traditional banking, investment, interbank and reporting systems. The requirements for software service providers are very strict and was based on a comprehensive evaluation of the vendor's professionalism, security and service capabilities. Sunline was selected as Shanghai Pudong Finance’s sole partner in the company digital transformation project after careful inspection and comparison at various levels.


September 2018 marked the official commencement of the project. Although there were a large number of systems involved, complexity of the business being extremely high and the delivery timeline was tight, delivering the highest quality solutions represents Sunline’s professionalism. Sunline’s project team devoted almost a year developing the system and on 1st October 2019, Shanghai Pudong Finance’s trial system with core, settlement, credit, banking and online banking modules was successfully launched. On 1st January 2020, the investment, interbank and reporting systems were successfully launched. Sunline’s project team not only won the praise of Shanghai Pudong Finance but also achieved became more professional, responsible, mature and confident.


Picture with customers after successful launch of trial system on 1st October 2019


Data reconciliation by project team


With the joint efforts of Sunline and Shanghai Pudong Finance, the financial business system was officially launched on 1st May 2020. For this project, the system has run stably without bugs affecting business operations and various online indicators has exceeded expectations, receiving unanimous praises from IT and business departments of Shanghai Pudong Finance.


Shanghai Pudong Finance's next-generation business system significantly improves the company's business capabilities, overall strength and competitiveness:

    ·  Realize the process, standardization and information of internal management

    ·  Achieve a full range of centralized fund management

    ·  Realize service personalization and improve the overall user experience

    ·  Realize intelligent supervision and decision-making of leaders


To fully meet the needs of the business transformation and development of Shanghai Pudong Finance, enabling Shanghai Pudong Finance to better its economic function as a financial services company.


The successful launch of Shanghai Pudong Finance's new generation business system will have a strong demonstration effect and influence on the whole industry. As the sole partner in the reformation of Shanghai Pudong Finance’s business system, Sunline’s innovative technologies and professional services to enable Shanghai Pudong financial new trend of business development, accelerate the transformation of science and technology to productivity, to provide best practices for the transformation of financial company business systems.


As the sole partner in the reformation initiative of the entire business system of Shanghai Pudong Finance, Sunline has employed innovative technologies and professional services to empower the business development of Shanghai Pudong Finance. With this project, Sunline can provide best practices in the transformation of business systems for group finance companies.

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