Sunline Heightens the Development of Bank of Shanghai's Loan Business
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The recent winning of the core banking project for Postal Savings Bank has once again reinstated Sunline’s foothold in the field of core banking system. This article will share in details the advanced nature of the core system for loan business.


The rapid development of digital finance and the nation’s support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the recent years have ushered the transformation of banks towards ‘big retail’ and a robust, flexible and scalable system with comprehensive transaction and accounting functions has become increasingly prominent in supporting the development of banks’ loan businesses.


Sunline customized a novel loan business system for Bank of Shanghai

In order to implement the development towards ‘boutique banking’ and ‘big retail’ strategies, Bank of Shanghai needed to enrich the credit financing business and improve speed to market but the bank’s traditional loan system was slapped with limitations like inflexible technical structure, inability to support the online transaction 24x7, inability to support multiple loan models, failure to support credit card repayment methods and incapability to meet the accounting method of discount loans. In order to meet the transformation objectives for Bank of Shanghai’s loan business, the loan core system must be able to support the accounting needs of diverse scenarios, various loan businesses and the different accounting needs for digital loans and traditional personal loans. As a leader in the loan businesses online and offline, Bank of Shanghai hopes to set up an ecosystem with Sunline’s core as the center of the loan business system.


Sunline, with more than a decade of experiences in the research, development and implementation of core banking system in the industry has develop a set of advanced, mature and robust loan business system that highlights the concept of ‘one product, versatile functions’. Sunline Loan System provides agile customization according to the specific needs of bank loan business, enabling banks to quickly build loan products as well as to avoid business risks in a market with serious homogeneity, and has been widely used in leading retail banks.


The new retail loan system developed by Sunline for the Bank of Shanghai adopts distributed architecture to realize application distribution at the business application layer, adopts a unitized architecture so that each unit has its own database and uses the three elements of the customer for the latitude of the data division to realize as array of credit products and credit services quickly as well as to provide support for the rapid access of both online and offline credit business scenarios.


Advanced underlying architecture as the foundation of change in business functions

Advanced Framework:

·  The technology architecture of the loan system is divided into access layer, control layer, data layer and infrastructure layer to realize functions like service access, transaction control, transaction routing as well as online and batch platform support

·   The overall architecture achieves effective separation of data, business components and transactions through layering, realizing separation of business data and business logic

·   Provide development platform functions such as integrated development, version management, metadata management and continuous delivery

·   Provide efficient operation platforms such as monitoring, logging, management, and configuration link tracking

·   Provide basic support platforms such as registration center, message center, cache center, etc.


Advanced technology:

·   Adopts microservices technology architecture to realize object-oriented high cohesion and low coupling

·   Adopts DevOps processes to shorten the development cycle, ensure quality and agile production

·   Fully supports distributed deployment and scalability by building a complete business logical deployment unit

·   Separation of transaction and accounting, support 24x7 transaction, reconciliation mechanism between systems and application of active/active architecture design


Underlying Functions:

·   The system can provide an array of credit products and services to meet the rapid development of banks on the digital era

·   Support traditional private-to-public loans, mortgage loans, digital loans, trade finance and derivative advances, joint loans, syndicated loans, entrusted loans, committed loans as well as other loan products

·   Multiple interest calculation methods, multiple accrual frequencies and multiple settlement payment methods

·   Support asset securitization, asset transfer and other asset businesses

·   The interest rate of each loan can be set according to the needs


Sunline has developed loan system for companies like Bank of Shanghai and car loan  system for Fortune Auto Finance, Yueda Auto, Brilliance Auto and other car loan businesses which have been launched while projects for Jizhi Auto Loan, People's Bank of China Ningbo Branch, Gold Mantis and other micro loan businesses are in production and will be live soon.

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