Sunline 2019 Annual Commendation Conference Took Place As Scheduled
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Duang  Duang  Duang  ~

It is hereIt is here with glory ~

Our annual conference was canceled due to the epidemic

The glory of Sunline

Across time and space

Took place as scheduled on 29 March

Let us witness the moment of honor that belongs to everyone in Sunline


Mr. Wang With The World in Mind

The commendation ceremony kicked off with the VCR of "Chairman Mr. Wang Changchun speaking about Sunline". Mr. Wang first introduced the capabilities and achievements of Sunline. This year, Sunline is 18 years old. At present, all our capabilities have entered a mature stage and we are standing at the center of the stage in the domestic Fintech field. Over the years, the business system has maintained a leading position and have now successfully entered the Southeast Asian market. Sunline have made great progress in the field of big data and is very competitive in the industry. In the field of large value chains, we have the most complete product line in China. In terms of overseas business development, Sunline have completed the process from 0-1 and achieved profitability in 2019. When interpreting the reasons behind the rapid development of Sunline, Mr. Wang believes that, first of all, we have always maintained the business philosophy of "upholding the professional service". Sunline is known in the industry as the "second technology arm of financial institutions". This is because we have been focusing on the financial field, focusing on our best technical fields. We win customers' trust with professional capabilities and customers’ reputation with excellent service.



As the source of Sunline’s development, Mr. Wang believes that talent is fundamental, and Sunline always maintain an “employee-first” company. The story of Sunline’s establishment began with the hope to build a platform to allow talented and motivated individuals to make use of their talents to truly realize the common growth of themselves and the company. For the past 18 years, Sunline has been adhering to the objective.

When speaking of the future, Mr. Wang hopes that everyone in Sunline can live and work in peace and contentment, and also through what we have done, we can continuously contribute to the development of the human race in decades and even generations to come.


CEO Jameson Li: Speaking With Numbers

After that, CEO Jameson Li gave a comprehensive introduction to Sunline’s operations in 2019 and put forth a higher outlook for the development of 2020. CEO Jameson Li said even though the overall economic environment in 2019 is relatively discouraging, Sunline has maintained a positive growth.



At the same time, with the steady growth of the core banking market and rapid development of big data and digital finance markets, Sunline’s market share in large financial institutions further increased in 2019 and the market winning rate remained stable. Sunline have set a higher growth goal and in order to achieve the goal, the company has prepared and deployed many strategies and will go all out to achieve the goal.


People of Sunline: Excellence As the Best Answers

Next, it officially entered the commendation section of the conference. The conference revealed five awards: Excellent Managers, Excellent Project Managers, Best Newcomers, Outstanding Employees and Outstanding Teams. Each awardee was screened with strict standards and the winners of the awards are all well-deserved. Sunline believes that with high aspirations, strong will and wisdom, anyone can strive to become better a better person.



Online Commendation Conference HostsHandsome Mr. Zheng Kang & Pretty Ms. Ali

It is worth mentioning that this year's outstanding employee awards, as compared to previous years are divided into four awards: Efficient Execution, Beyond Growth, Open Innovation and Outstanding Performance.

The establishment of these four awards is based on the corporate culture of Sunline:

·         Those who maintain a clear thinking, logical rigor and efficient execution

·         Those who can think out of the box to constantly grow and transcend

·         Those who have the spirit of innovation, dare to be the first and constantly discover new horizons

·         Those who are passionate and proactive and turn outstanding into habits

It is precisely because of these different characteristics on the same excellent people of Sunline that enables the company to develop rapidly and be on the center of the financial technology stage.

Sunline thank you for bringing your own light and illuminating our direction!



When the honor pasts

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