Thank You, Heroes of Sunline!
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Remarkable spirits to ensure ongoing projects remain uninterrupted.

Even during difficult times, the heroes of Sunline choose to ‘hold the fort’, ensuring our customers’ system remain uninterrupted and allowing them to operate as usual. In order to ensure the safety and health of our heroes, Sunline has ensured our heroes are well equipped with face masks. 

Onsite support in Indonesia

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the bank’s ongoing project, two project managers in the project chose to stay, allowing other onsite project members to escape the Covid-19 outbreak and return home.

HQ has sent 200 face masks to our office in Indonesia and ensured the on-site project managers report their health status daily and take the appropriate safety measures as per Government’s and company’s guidelines. 
Onsite support in Vietnam

Three project team members from Malaysia has been providing relentless onsite support, covering for our counterparts in China who have been restricted in terms of their travel to Vietnam a few weeks earlier. 

Due to the shortages of face mask, HQ managed to provide 100 face masks for the use of project staffs in Vietnam to ensure the ability of operatives to continue to support the bank for a period of time.

Onsite support in Thailand
In ensuring that the project continues to grow and everything to be smooth sailing, the project team members from HQ and Malaysia is currently onsite as a support team. With dedication, one of our team member from HQ has even stayed in Bangkok since December 19th last year and had to celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok and away from family.

Preventive measures and scheduled health screening are also our top priority in preventing any spread of the current epidemic outbreak while maintaining a steady progress of the current project at hand.


With the current widespread of the Covid-19, there are still 10 of our project team members currently onsite for another project in Thailand for the past 3 weeks. They have dedicated themselves day and night and also their weekend in ensuring the timely completion of the project at hand.

An addition of 2 support members has also travelled to Bangkok recently, after taking health precautions and all necessary prevention step in preventing any viral spread. This is all in order to ensure a smooth project launch.

In total of 200 face masks are also currently under the arrangements of HQ to be sent to Thailand as an additional support and is expected to arrive soon. 
Providing support remotely
Not only are our onsite team dedicated in providing their unparalleled support, many others of our team have also showed their continuous support through their work remotely. Please be ensured that at Sunline, we provide our utmost efforts in supporting our customers not only in terms of the project at hand, but also the moral support in endearing the current outbreak of Covid-19.

We will continue our efforts in maintaining our work efficiency despite the difficulties faced by all of us. 

A big Thank You is well deserved by our dedicated team of front liners for their continuous efforts and support!

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