Sunline Seizes Another Win for Core Banking Project in Thailand
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Ever since Sunline ventured out of China two years ago, the company has continuously offered technology advancements for banks, elevating the financial industry in the overseas market in digital banking movements. Sunline’s competitiveness and commitments in trendsetting Digital Banking in Thailand have landed the company two core projects for Bank of Ayudhya (BAY) early last year and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D Bank) recently. 


When facing against more well-established competitors in the region, it is the innovation and quality of Sunline’s solutions that sets them apart. Sunline’s experience in China’s financial industry undeniably play a major role in the development of a banking system that is not only more efficient and flexible, but also noticeably speeds up the rollout of banking products. For this project bid, Sunline joined forces with Huawei and Oracle MySQL via a local partner, Samart to facilitate transformation and leapfrog the services of SME Bank.

In the era of digitization and inevitable disruptive innovations, a customer-centric core system becomes the decisive factor for the bank’s competitiveness. Sunline’s self-developed Core Banking System is built on open source technologies and runs on X86 platform. Besides reducing cost of ownership, the system is constructed with strong data processing capabilities with the flexibility and scalability to support rapid changes in business demands. A robust built-in product factory will enable SME Bank to quickly roll-out new products and services according to the latest trends while open APIs allows integration to external platforms for a wider range of marketing collaborations with merchants. 

Although the overseas market is still a ‘blue ocean’, Sunline is confident that their digital banking solution, which the company has been actively pitching to banks across the APAC region, will help reinvigorate the financial industry. Winning the bid from SME Bank is yet another stepping stone towards Sunline’s vision to become the top global financial technology provider.
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