Finline - The New Generation Financial Cloud Services Platform
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16 August 2018 - “Finline - The New Generation Financial Cloud Services Platform” was co-launched by Sunline and Tencent Cloud in Shenzhen. More than 100 domestic banks who attended the conference, has signed the initiative agreement to on-board the platform.  Finline is a collaborated development after the strategic investment and equity partnership announcement with Tencent earlier this year; and aims to provide a one-stop, convenient and intelligent financial platform for both banks and users.


Innovation is the key to the digital transformation in the banking industry 

Being one of the few technology service providers to independently develop their own core systems, Sunline has always insisted on continuous innovation as well as R&D. Sunline for the past 16 years have actively responded to industry trends by revolutionizing developments of comprehensive adaptable financial IT solutions, including core banking system, digital banking system as well as big data solutions.


During the conference, Chairman of Sunline, Mr. Wang Changchun said that in the era of digital economy, digital financial services is the way forward. Banks are facing difficulties in transforming their services to keep up and continuous investment costs with little effect are becoming harder to justify. On the other hand, users are expecting more seamless services and experiences. He believes Finline will be the solution to bridge the current difficulties faced by both the banks and their users.

President of Tencent Cloud, Mr. Qiu Yuepeng said that Finline is a collaborated innovative attempt between Tencent Cloud and Sunline, to develop a new generation financial cloud services by integrating the respective advantages in terms of technology, experience and ecological linkage. This platform aims to innovate banking business through its distinctive solution.

"Finline” to accelerate financial intelligence through seamless services 

IDC reported an overall market size of China's banking IT solutions at $33.96 billion in 2017, an increase of 22.5% since 2016 with opportunities brought by financial technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, big data, mobility and block chains.


With regards to how banks can effectively grasp these opportunities, Vice president of Sunline, Mr. Li Hongguang believes that building an ecological system with an open mind will achieve exponential result. Finline can unlock unlimited possibilities with “1+1+N” concept. 

Combining the respective technology advantages of Sunline and Tencent, Finline provides an intelligent platform for both banks and internet users, greatly improving the bank's business services and ability in customer acquisition.

Finline fuses Sunline’s pioneering solutions with Tencent rich ecological resources. Based on leading modeling and big data technologies, the intelligent platform allows banks to provide precision marketing, personalized products and services as well as loyalty point managements for their users. Finline is not only a dynamic system for banks but also a one-stop, convenient and customer-centric financial services platform for users! 
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