Ms Xu Yali from Sunline awarded “2016 Taurus Best Secretary Award”
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China Securities Journal held its 19th Taurus Forum and Award Ceremony for Listed Companies” in Guilin this year. During the ceremony, the four classic awards 2016 Taurus Top 150 Investment Value, 2016 Taurus Wealth Leadership Award, 2016 Best Secretaries Award and 2016 Taurus Best Investor Relations Management were announced.

Ms Xu Yali, secretary to the executive vice president and board of directors of Sunline, has in recent years assisted the company in completing IPO, major mergers and acquisitions and promoting refinancing of projects, to be awarded “2016 Taurus Best Secretaries Award”. Winning this award is not only due to Ms Xu’s professional competence, diligent and positive attitudes, but also because of the exponential growth of Sunline through its performance, merger and acquisition to put forth more attention and recognition from the capital market. Winning this award is not only a display of personal capabilities, but also the embodiment of the overall strength of science and technology.

Sunline as a leader in financial information industry, depends on the excellent leadership to accelerate innovation and further promote the development of global financial information.


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