Sunline Convenes Summit to Map Out Leading Companies Financial Future
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27 July 2017 - Shenzhen, China - Leading Banking Software and Technology Services Company, Sunline recently hosted the Sunline Global Financial Summit 2017 titled “Connect. Reinvent. Collaborate” at the InterContinental Shenzhen Hotel OCT from July 27th to 28th 2017.

More than 300 delegates comprising of IT and finance leaders convened at the financial summit that is centered on the rise of FinTech, digital banking systems and end-to-end functionalities which have caused a complete restructuring of the global innovation economy. The 2017 Global Sunline Financial Summit has allowed for opportunities and challenges for each delegate to discover the emerging impact, trends and challenges through shared by forward-thinking financial industry leaders and experts.

The summit also saw Sunline signing a joint venture agreement with Indonesia’s leading ICT infrastructure providers, MasterSystem to jointly ride the wave of financial technology development in the Indonesian market. Sunline’s strategic partners Tencent, Huawei and DaoCloud attended the event, and demonstrated their support to the ever-growing demand in the field of financial IT solutions.

The continuous development of technology in the information age along with the rapid development of science and innovation, financial technology to big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), block chain, AR / VR and other technologies have disrupted the financial services industry. Market data indicates that Chinese mobile payments in 2016 were 50 times greater than those in the US due to the rapid adoption of “mobile payments”. As leading financial IT experts and driven with a purpose to make banking relevant, Sunline has over 15 years of experience in developing core banking systems spanning digital banking, securities, insurance, funds, asset management, internet finance and other financial technology services in the IT industry.

During the financial summit, Mr. Wang Chang Chun, Chairman of Sunline, delivered a speech on the topic "Future Banking is Now – Unlocking New Opportunities with Innovation". The financial delegates, together with Sunline, as well as other representatives used this opportunity to share insights on Insurtech, Commercial Bank Asset and Liability Management, Finance, Fintech vs Internet Finance, Financial AI, Financial Big Data, Mobile Finance, Block Chain technology and other wide-ranging topics that were well-received and formed a turning point on how enterprises can apply best practices and solutions to collaborate more effectively across finance focused models. For the first time in the industry the event brought topics such as how VR and AR could transform the future of the financial technology industry paired with case studies and effective solutions to provide end-to-end, flexible and fully integrated digital business solutions.

Sunline for the past 15 years have actively responded to trends and innovative solutions, thus finding the drive to ride the financial technology wave – whether it is pioneering to eliminate any technological challenges or independently attaining IP rights to China’s first-generation JAVA based core banking systems. With mobile penetration outpacing desktop Internet usage, the mobile industry payment is poised for growth, thus resulting in demand for comprehensive adaptable IT solutions in the form of mobile apps such as WeChat, PC and mobile banking to online financial platform services and risk management. In this regard, Sunline has already deployed features and tools that have help to grow and transform 400 financial institutions both local and globally.

The construction of the digital banking systems has allowed for Sunline Group to receive recognition on all fronts starting with "IDC China FinTech Pioneer Top 25", "China’s Top 100 Software Vendor”, “Forbes China 2017 Top 100 Potential Listed Companies” and “Top 10 Leading IT Service Provider In The Financial Industry” among others.

With a single-minded focus strategy, Sunline has expanded to Hong Kong, through the establishment of investments, mergers and acquisitions and other forms of integration, to create seamless product developments, sales, delivery, operation and management under one roof. One of the main company’s focus is to expand its professional services and cover the core banking financial technology systems in line with international standards and expanding P2P lending systems to other international markets.

Chairman of Sunline, Wang Chang Chun said that having been in the financial technology industry for the last 15 years, the group has accumulated a deep sense and commitment to the financial technology industry relying on the company’s legacy, values and synergy. Combined with the velocity of change in the financial industry, the potential to ride the future of technology is promising.

“Enterprises will seek to reinvent their solutions by integrating the latest technology trends and the industry best practices to ensure high quality innovative financial services to battle with the competitive market.  As such, Sunline will continue to uphold its mission to create value for customers and to strive for customer-centric concept to deliver financial services in a comprehensive and secure manner,” added Mr. Wang.

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