Sunline Awarded “2017 Forbes China Top 100 Potential Enterprises”
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  This is the 12th year since the first release of "Forbes Chinese Potential 100" in 2005. Forbes has investigated and surveyed China SME comprehensively and independently, and made the history by presenting the list of potential listed companies, unlisted companies and notable NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations )companies, which including 220 enterprises. In its 15 years of service, Sunline is now the leading financial IT solutions provider and was awarded one of the top Forbes Chinese Potential Companies in 2017 with 3 major preponderances.

  First, Forbes recognises Sunline’s independent research and development efforts to drive technological innovation. In 2015, Sunline has developed the new generation core banking system using distributed architecture to meet the requirements of autonomous controllable technology and support the multi-parameter product configuration, and successfully deploying it for WeBank. Sunline’s core banking solutions is highly recognized by large and medium commercial banks, including Nanjing bank and Ping An bank. The company's self-developed digital core banking system has also won the trust of many customers including traditional financial institutes and Fintechs.

  Secondly, Sunline is also recognised for their active capital operations by exploring new business models. In 2015, Sunline Holding successfully issue their shares and through the integration of internal resources and talent introduction of strategic investment, established several distinctive subsidiaries. The company further strengthened its market share in the financial industry in the aspects of asset management, digital banking, business intelligence as well as credit cards. Their customers have expanded to Fintechs, small loan companies, financial insitutes, car manufacturers, asset management companies and others.

  Thirdly, Forbes also recognises Sunline’s social responsible culture and their contribution to promote the growth of the financial industry. Leveraging on expertise and more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, Sunline has played a significant role to help the country’s traditional financial institute deepened the understanding of the Internet Finance and by providing comprehensive solutions, alleviated their transformation journey to reinvigorate the industry. On the other hand, Sunline also helped Fintechs to understand the financial businesses and regulatory supports through their services, successfully driving development of these enterprises. Fan Luxian, Chinese editor-in-chief of Forbes indicated Forbes is authoritative and transparent. The list of enterprises or individuals awarded is not only based on strength, but also based on potential evidences.

  With the release of the list, Forbes China also announced 2017 Forbes Potential Enterprise Innovation Summit and 2017 China Forbes Top Potential Enterprise Awards will be held in Henan province Zheng Dong New District of Zhengzhou city in May 2017. During the summit, Sunline will be present at this event amid other listed enterprises and guests.
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