Sunline Transaction-Level General Ledger Achieves Major Breakthrough with Key Bank Contracts
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Sunline's "Transaction-Level General Ledger" product has achieved a new milestone, standing out in the competitive landscape of fintech service providers. Within a month, it has consecutively secured contracts from a trillion-level city commercial bank in a central region, a provincial-level rural commercial union bank, and a leading provincial rural credit cooperative. This marks a comprehensive breakthrough across the city commercial, rural commercial, and rural credit systems, showcasing the product's top-notch technological prowess and solid reputation in the industry.

With the continuous emergence of new businesses, forms, and models in commercial banks, the demand for refined and specialized accounting work is increasingly rising. Against this backdrop, the digital transformation of general ledger management systems and ensuring technological autonomy and control have become core elements for banks in advancing financial digital transformation.


Sunline was the first to propose and implement the concept of the "Transaction-Level General Ledger." Leveraging years of technical accumulation and practical refinement, Sunline has meticulously developed a new generation of enterprise-level general ledger systems that integrate measurement, accounting, management, and analysis functions.


The system's standout feature is its enterprise-level accounting platform, which achieves five key objectives: configurable accounting rules, multidimensional accounting information, precise business measurement, automated reconciliation, and centralized financial management. This provides financial institutions with unified, accurate, and timely accounting capabilities for various types of business.


As a comprehensive participant in the banking IT innovation ecosystem, Sunline has partnered with numerous leading domestic software and hardware enterprises to build an IT innovation ecosystem. The aforementioned general ledger system has fully embraced localization and achieved compatibility with and certification for major domestic databases, servers, and middleware. This provides banks with a mature technological solution premised on an IT innovation environment.


Thanks to its mature product solutions, secure and controllable ecosystem, professional implementation capabilities, and extensive industry experience, Sunline's "Transaction-Level General Ledger" product is highly trusted by financial institutions. It consistently leads in bid success rates, project commencement rates, and delivery completion rates. Additionally, it has achieved significant progress in its overseas expansion.


Looking ahead, Sunline will persistently forge its technological innovation "hard power" and work together with numerous financial industry partners to explore the path of financial digital transformation, jointly creating a new chapter in smart finance.


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Sunline as a leading enterprise in the fintech sector, specializes in providing intelligent financial IT solutions to global financial institutions, accelerating their digital transformation. Leveraging its profound expertise in core banking systems, data analytics, and internet finance, Sunline empowers banks, securities firms, funds, and more to streamline operations and enhance data-driven capabilities. By integrating cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, Sunline constructs secure and efficient digital platforms, fostering innovation in financial services and significantly contributing to the worldwide digitalization of economies.

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