A Milestone in Big Data: Sunline Secures Multi-Million Cooperation with Provincial Rural Credit Union
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Sunline has been awarded the contract for a provincial rural credit cooperative's big data platform construction and data governance project. The company will establish a secure and reliable data platform foundation, focusing on the customer's strategic goal of digital transformation. This platform will comprehensively support the storage, computation, and utilization of data across various business lines, continuously enhancing the foundational data capabilities. This will further promote the integrated development of business, data, and technology, ultimately enabling high-quality business growth.

In today's booming digital economy, data has evolved beyond being a mere collection of information, emerging as a core production factor that profoundly impacts the operational models of various industries. As the lifeblood of the national economy, the financial industry must fully leverage the value of data as a production factor to drive a comprehensive leap in digital productivity and, in turn, boost the efficiency of economic operations.


With its profound professional expertise in financial big data, Sunline has cultivated a combined capability of "technology + data" and pioneered the introduction of innovative concepts and technologies such as DataOps. Through independent research and development, Sunline has established a comprehensive data intelligence product system that covers the entire data lifecycle. This system, ranging from business digitization, digital assetization, asset servitization, to service operationalization, provides a one-stop solution, application products, and implementation services for a provincial rural credit cooperative, enabling an integrated data closed-loop!


Big Data Planning


Through in-depth analysis and research of market trends, customer needs, and industry characteristics, forward-looking and strategic development plans are formulated, including data strategy planning, data architecture planning, data governance planning, and technical architecture planning, to comprehensively address the diverse data needs of customers and provide continuous momentum for the business development of financial institutions.


Lakehouse Foundation Setup


Utilizing a converged lakehouse and streaming-batching technical architecture, a data foundation is established to efficiently integrate diverse internal and external data, forming an integrated data platform at the bottom layer. This platform enables unified storage, unified computation, and unified services for various data types, providing robust data support for financial institutions.


Data Asset Management


A data asset management platform is established to automate metadata management, data standard management, data quality management, and master data management. By integrating with data model design and data development processes, it elevates "post-hoc governance" to "pre-emptive control" and ensures the implementation of data standards and metadata.


Intelligent Tag and Indicator Management

The platform realizes online and standardized management of indicators and tags, ensuring unified definition, computation, processing, and service. Connecting the data backend with data applications, it accumulates indicator and tag data assets, efficiently supporting various applications such as business decision-making, regulatory reporting, risk management, and financial management.


Multi-scenario Data Services


Focusing on five major application scenarios: business analysis, customer management, risk management, operational management, and regulatory reporting, it has formed solutions such as management cockpits, data dashboards, line-of-business dashboards, branch operation monitoring, intelligent marketing platforms, intelligent risk management platforms, and unified regulatory reporting. These solutions empower financial institutions to enhance business analysis, digital marketing, and risk management capabilities, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and comprehensively enable digital transformation.


Looking ahead, Sunline will delve deeper into industry needs and continue to innovate, constantly exploring the application of new products and technologies in the construction of financial data systems. We aim to help financial institutions fully unleash the potential of data and ignite the "data engine" of financial digital transformation!


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Established since year 2002, Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012, Sunline has more than 6000 employees worldwide serving beyond 800 banking and finance customers. As the global financial technology leader, Sunline is continuously reinventing our solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.

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