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The "Huawei China Partner Conference 2024" with the theme "Emerged from convergence, digital intelligence drives our greatness" was grandly held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Sunline Tech Co.,Ltd, in partnership with Huawei, unveiled a joint new distributed core banking solution. The goal is to provide reliable support for the high-quality development of the financial industry through a highly available, high-performance, secure, and stable core system that is flexible and scalable, leveraging Huawei's strong technical capabilities.


Sun Shisheng, Assistant President of Sunline, Tang Shi, Deputy General Manager of the DFB solution Department, Wang Yongqiang, Global Ecosystem President of Huawei's Digital Finance Army, and Yang Lifan, Senior Architect of China's Government and Corporate Financial Solutions, were among those who attended the launch ceremony together.

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Tang Shi, Deputy General Manager of the DFB Solutions Department at Sunline, stated: "By deeply cultivating the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of the financial industry, Sunline partners with Huawei to build a full-stack, independently innovative digital foundation. With our cutting-edge open technology and architecture, we aim to create value for our clients. More financial institutions can better achieve core transformation and upgrading based on the joint new distributed core banking solution from both Sunline and Huawei."

The keynote speaker, Tang Shi, Deputy General Manager of the DFB Solutions Department at Sunline

As digital transformation accelerates, the financial industry faces increasing challenges and opportunities. Rapidly evolving business needs and continuously innovative business models require the core system, often referred to as the "internal engine" of a bank, to be highly available, reliable, and performant. The distributed architecture transformation of bank core systems is both timely and necessary, responding to the demands of the current business environment. Issues such as system performance degradation during peak business hours, threats to data security, and insufficient system scalability severely constrain the innovative development of financial institutions.

Against this backdrop, Sunline has forged a collaboration with Huawei. Leveraging the latest capabilities of Huawei Cloud Finance PaaS3.0 and GaussDB, they have crafted a highly elastic and reliable distributed unitized architecture. By adopting a unitized approach, they have narrowed the fault radius down to the unit level, enabling multi-site and multi-active capabilities at the unit level. This approach simultaneously enhances business SLA, providing financial institutions with round-the-clock, secure, reliable, and agile technical services for their business development.


The joint new distributed core banking solution comprehensively covers the core business applications of banks. Leveraging the fully self-innovated ICT infrastructure including Huawei Cloud Stack, GaussDB, Kunpeng servers, and more, it meets the technical and business requirements of banks through microservices and unitized design, supporting their rapidly developing business needs in the future. This solution offers the following technical advantages:

High Performance: Leveraging Huawei's leading hardware-software co-optimization capabilities, the solution fully satisfies the performance requirements of core business scenarios. Through extensive collaborative tuning, it achieves more than a 50% improvement in various indicators compared to traditional centralized architectures.

High Availability: The solution employs multiple redundancy and fault-tolerant mechanisms to ensure the system's continuous operation even in cases of hardware failures, network outages, or other unexpected situations, thus guaranteeing business continuity.

Flexible Scalability: The solution offers excellent scalability, allowing for flexible expansion and upgrades based on the growth and changes in banking business. This eliminates the need for large-scale system reconstructions, thereby reducing costs and risks.

Security and Stability: The solution incorporates robust security mechanisms, including data encryption, user authentication, and access control, to enhance the security and privacy protection of banking data. This significantly reduces the risk of business interruptions due to system failures or security vulnerabilities.

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The collaboration between Sunline and Huawei aims to integrate both parties' technological advantages and industry experience, jointly leading and driving the implementation of solutions in the core banking sector. Looking ahead, both parties will deepen their cooperation and innovation, jointly promoting the transformation and upgrading of core banking systems, accelerating digitization and intelligence together, and providing customers with even more superior, efficient, and secure products, solutions, and services.

About Huawei

Huawei, founded in 1987, is a globally leading technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Besides its prominent position in the telecommunications equipment and smartphone sectors, Huawei has also made significant strides in the field of digital finance. By offering innovative technologies such as cloud services, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and security solutions, Huawei provides robust support to financial institutions, helping them enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive industry innovation.


About Sunline

Sunline, a global leader in financial technology solutions, was founded in 2002 with its headquarters located in Shenzhen. Sunline specializes in providing comprehensive financial IT solutions for financial institutions, including core business, internet finance, big data, and management services. Particularly in the area of banking core solutions, Sunline leverages its mature core products, comprehensive team structure, and multi-level talent pool to provide efficient and stable banking core systems for numerous banks, enabling them to achieve digital transformation and business innovation.

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