UAB BANK Explores Financial Innovation at Sunline Headquarters
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Shenzhen, 24 January 2024 - UAB Bank strategically ventured into Sunline Headquarters at the end of January, signalling a collaborative thrust towards advancing financial technology.



Paving the Future of Fintech


In this purposeful exploration, UAB Bank seeks to comprehend Sunline's technological advancements, aiming for potential enhancements to its financial offerings, and maintaining a steadfast commitment to industry leadership.    Expressing profound interest, UAB Bank is keen to forge a robust big data platform in synergy with Sunline, Huawei, and Golden Rock.    This proactive move underscores UAB Bank's dedication to pioneering innovative financial solutions.

Tripartite Collaboration for Myanmar's Financial Frontier

Alvin Law, Founder and Managing Director of Myanmar Golden Rock(Left), in a photo with Amelia Xu(middle), Executive Vice President of the Sunline Group cum Sunline Holding's Chairman cum CEO, and Xionglin(right), CEO of Sunline Data (a subsidiary of Sunline Group).

Jack Wang, Regional Sales Director at Sunline Holdings, expresses enthusiasm as he envisions the establishment of synergies and the exchange of expertise.     He states, "Sunline eagerly anticipates a dynamic collaboration with UAB Bank, Golden Rock, and Huawei to propel innovation across Myanmar's financial landscape.  We are enthusiastic about UAB Bank's proactive stance in fostering a collaborative environment."  With a keen focus on innovative possibilities, he emphasizes the strategic significance of partnering with the local entity Golden Rock, highlighting the potential for transformative advancements in Myanmar's banking sector through this collective effort.


Sunline envisions a dynamic future collaboration with UAB Bank to fortify the partnership and explore novel horizons. This signifies an unwavering commitment to nurturing collaboration, marking a significant stride towards realizing their shared vision for pioneering financial solutions. As leaders converge, the industry expects a deeper exploration, fortifying the groundwork for a transformative future in Myanmar's financial sector.


UAB Bank's visit is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to the collaborative journey ahead.


About UAB Bank 

UAB Bank, a leading Myanmar institution since 2010, consistently excels in banking, earning titles like 'Myanmar’s Best Bank.' Adaptable to regulatory changes, it holds top ranks in employee satisfaction and corporate responsibility. With 85+ branches, it provides comprehensive financial services. Committed to positive impact, UAB Bank drives change through initiatives like "Be The Change Myanmar" and the UAB Foundation (est. 2020).

About Myanmar Golden Rock 

Myanmar Golden Rock International Co., Ltd. (MGR), formerly Accel International, emerged in 1995. As the exclusive distributor for Canon in Myanmar since 1995, MGR expanded to represent various global brands by 2003. Prioritizing service excellence, MGR positions itself as a total solution provider, offering reliable products and premium after-sales service in banking, telecommunications, and imaging.

About Sunline


Established in 2002, Sunline is China's leading provider of banking software and technology services. Since going public in 2012, it has expanded globally with over 6,000 employees serving 800 banking and finance clients. Sunline is a global financial technology leader, continuously innovating its solutions by integrating the latest technology trends with industry best practices to deliver comprehensive and secure financial solutions. With international offices in key financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Sunline solidifies its presence in the Asia Pacific financial IT market.

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