Shenzhen University and Sunline: Advancing AI+ Collaboration
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Shenzhen University and Sunline: Joining Forces to Cultivate ‘Artificial Intelligence+’ and Pioneer a New Era of Industry-University-Research Collaboration

On March 6th, Shenzhen University and Sunline formally signed a cooperation agreement in Shenzhen to establish the “Artificial Intelligence in Financial Software Engineering Joint Laboratory.” The two parties will collaborate on innovative applications of artificial intelligence in the field of financial software engineering, jointly research core scientific and technological advancements, promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements, and actively respond to the national strategy for developing a new generation of artificial intelligence.

It is reported that against the backdrop of the “Report on the Work of the Government” during the Two Sessions, where “New Quality Productive Forces” and “Artificial Intelligence+” were highlighted as key annual terms, both parties view this collaboration as a pioneering exploration in tune with the pulse of the times. As we advance into the digital age, the digitization and intelligence of productivity are significant hallmarks of new quality productive force , and they represent the fundamental trend of productivity development under the conditions of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Deepening the research and development application of big data and artificial intelligence technologies, and unleashing productivity with “scientific and technological innovation playing a leading role” is the crux of high-quality development.

At the signing ceremony, Mao Junfa, the President of Shenzhen University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed that over the past 40 years since its establishment, Shenzhen University has been committed to innovation and has collaborated with numerous enterprises to drive the industrial application and commercialization of research outcomes, achieving remarkable results. Sunline is a leading enterprise in the field of financial software systems. Mao hopes that this signing will serve as an opportunity to leverage the strengths of both parties in educational and industrial resources, focusing on translating application demands into a significant driving force for technological progress. This collaboration aims to create a closed loop of “Industry-University-Research-Application” in the “Artificial Intelligence+” sector and establish a new paradigm for university-industry cooperation.

Sunline’s Chairman, Wang Changchun, discussed the transformation of productivity brought about by artificial intelligence in the context of the financial industry’s development. “Technological innovation gives rise to an efficiency revolution and a transformation of kinetic energy. The rapid development of artificial intelligence and large model technologies will significantly accelerate the production efficiency of software engineering, completing the shift from labor-intensive to intelligence-based operations, and thereby fully unleashing digital productivity, creating immeasurable social value. As the lifeblood of the national economy, the financial industry must take the lead in this technological transformation. Our partnership responds to the national call for ‘realizing a positive cycle between technology, industry, and finance,’ and it is timely.”

Both parties emphasized that Shenzhen, a fertile ground for technological innovation, is the ideal platform for a win-win collaboration between Shenzhen University and Sunline. "Daring to be the first in the world" and "keeping feet on the ground" are not only the genes of Shenzhen's city spirit but also a common label for every innovator and entrepreneur rooted in this land. Based on a consistent philosophy and shared values, Sunline will work hand in hand with Shenzhen University to deepen their capabilities in core technological breakthroughs, accelerate the application of artificial intelligence innovations in the field of financial technology, serve the digital transformation of financial institutions, and assist the nation in achieving high-level self-reliance and strength.

About Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University, as a window university, a special economic zone university, and an experimental university, is also the only comprehensive university in Shenzhen. In recent years, it has achieved outstanding results with multiple disciplines ranking among the top in ESI, a global ranking of 90th in the Nature Index, and having the highest number of PCT international patent applications among domestic universities for three consecutive years. Currently, the university has become a high-level comprehensive university with distinctive characteristics, strong strength, and a good reputation and significant influence both at home and abroad.

About Sunline

Established in 2002, Sunline is China's leading provider of banking software and technology services. Since going public in 2012, it has expanded globally with over 6,000 employees serving 800 banking and finance clients. Sunline is a global financial technology leader, continuously innovating its solutions by integrating the latest technology trends with industry best practices to deliver comprehensive and secure financial solutions. With international offices in key financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Sunline solidifies its presence in the Asia Pacific financial IT market.

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