CIMB Vietnam and Sunline: A Continuation of Partnership Beyond 5 Years
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In a recent meeting at Sunline's headquarters in Shenzhen, CIMB Vietnam and Sunline continued the partnership commitment after a 5 years collaboration to revolutionize banking services through advanced technology integration and foster digital innovation.

This enduring commitment aims to revolutionize banking services through advanced technology integration and foster digital innovation. The collaboration between CIMB Vietnam and Sunline has been ongoing for five years, signifying a sustained effort to propel advancements in the banking industry. By integrating cutting-edge technologies from Sunline, CIMB Vietnam seeks not only to modernize but also to revolutionize core banking services, providing an enhanced and unparalleled experience for its valued customers.

CIMB Vietnam Visited Sunlilne's HQ in Shenzhen

Empowering Teams Through Technical Training

In a strategic move to bolster CIMB Vietnam's technological prowess, a bespoke three-day training program has been meticulously designed, coinciding with their pivotal meeting in the dynamic tech hub of Shenzhen. Specifically tailored for CIMB's key technical team, this intensive initiative aims to fortify their understanding of the adoption and operation of Sunline's cutting-edge solutions.

Conducted during CIMB Vietnam's visit to our headquarters in Shenzhen, this comprehensive technical training program underscores CIMB Vietnam's commitment to nurturing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. The initiative, facilitated by Sunline, positions their team to be adaptive and well-prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. This dedication to technical excellence ensures a seamless transition and optimal utilization of Sunline's advanced systems, solidifying CIMB Vietnam's position at the forefront of technological innovation in the banking industry.

Leadership in Focus: Li Jin Song and Rachel Nguyen

During the important meeting in Shenzhen, China, Li Jin Song, CEO of Sunline Group, and Rachel Nguyen, CTO of CIMB Vietnam, engaged in discussions about the intricacies of this collaborative effort. This face-to-face interaction emphasizes a commitment to the partnership's success, ensuring a shared understanding of the vision for pioneering advancements in the banking industry.

Li Jin Song, CEO of Sunline Group (on the left), alongside Rachel Nguyen, CTO of CIMB Vietnam (on the right)

A 5-Year Partnership's Evolution

Building upon the foundation of their successful 5-year partnership with Sunline, CIMB Vietnam embarked on a journey that transcends routine upgrades. This new chapter symbolizes a turbocharge for CIMB Vietnam's core banking infrastructure, designed not only for modernization but for an outright revolution in the banking experience.

Throughout the partnership, Sunline and CIMB Vietnam have stood shoulder to shoulder, combining technological prowess with banking acumen. This period is not merely a duration but a narrative of continuous collaboration, marked by shared successes and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the financial sector.

Anticipating Tomorrow's Needs: Sustained Growth

As we gaze into the future, the collaboration between CIMB Vietnam and Sunline unveils promising horizons for continuous cooperation. Going beyond the immediate integration of Sunline's cutting-edge technology, both entities actively engage in continuous research and development. This involves foreseeing market trends, co-creating tailored solutions to address evolving customer needs, and embarking on joint initiatives to expand their influence in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

This forward-looking partnership, with a keen eye on tomorrow's needs, establishes the foundation for sustained growth. In conclusion, this strategic alliance orchestrates a harmonious symphony that not only foretells the future of banking services but actively shapes it. As the sun rises on this innovative partnership, Sunline eagerly anticipates illuminating new horizons in the ever-evolving world of finance.

About CIMB Vietnam

Established in 2016, CIMB Bank Vietnam is a part of CIMB Group, a leading global bank in ASEAN with extensive experience and expertise in the region. CIMB Bank Vietnam pioneered the digital banking model within the Group's franchise, making it stand out as one of Vietnam's leading and forward-thinking digital banks. Headquartered in Hanoi and with a branch in HCMC, CIMB Bank Vietnam offers a diverse array of banking solutions catering to individuals, businesses, and corporations.

About Sunline 

Established in 2002, Sunline is China's leading provider of banking software and technology services. Since going public in 2012, it has expanded globally with over 6,000 employees serving 800 banking and finance clients. Sunline is a global financial technology leader, continuously innovating its solutions by integrating the latest technology trends with industry best practices to deliver comprehensive and secure financial solutions. With international offices in key financial hubs such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Sunline solidifies its presence in the Asia Pacific financial IT market.

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