Navigate Future of Finance: Asian Financial Leaders Forum Malaysia 2024 Recap
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Navigate Future of Finance—Asian Financial Leaders Forum 2024 Recap

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 8, 2024  – The Asian Financial Leaders Forum 2024 Malaysia with the theme “Navigating Future of Finance” was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Hosted by Sunline, and co-hosted by our partners Huawei, Cardzone, JurisTech, and Cloudpoint, the event has attracted more than 100 experts and leaders from finance, IT, and various fields gathered together.

The synergy between Sunline and our esteemed partners, Huawei, Cardzone, JurisTech, and Cloudpoint, ignited a powerful spark at the Asia Financial Leaders Forum Malaysia 2024. This collaborative energy fueled insightful discussions, sparked innovative ideas, and illuminated strategic pathways in the dynamic landscape of fintech. Together, we harnessed the collective expertise, creating a blaze of inspiration that will continue illuminating finance's future. The sparks between our partners and Sunline have not only elevated this event but also set the stage for ongoing collaboration, driving positive change in the fintech realm. We look forward to nurturing and expanding these sparks into a sustained flame of innovation and progress in the financial industry.

Pooling Expertise to Steer the Future of Fintech

Over 100 experts gathered to deepen understanding and guide enterprises in the dynamic financial sector. Keynote speeches from Sunline, Huawei, JurisTech, Cardzone, and Cloudpoint experts provided diverse perspectives. The forum promoted cross-industry idea exchange, integrating knowledge for strategic insights. 

Highlights from the Keynote Speeches:

  • Welcome speech by Jack Wang, Managing Director of Sunline (Malaysia), set the tone for collaborative fintech evolution, emphasizing the transformative power of international partnerships, Sunline's key milestones, and a vision for inclusive growth in the financial sector.

  • Ken Siew, Chief Solutions Officer at Sunline, presented on "Open Banking and Beyond: Building a Sustainable Financial Future," emphasizing the transformative role of advanced technology and the potential of generative AI.

  • Muhamad Fahmi bin Mustafa, Head of Islamic Banking at Sunline, shared insights on "Agile Core Banking: Navigating Change in a Dynamic Financial Landscape," underlining the need for banks to embrace agility.

  • Lim Huck Siang, CDO at Huawei Asia Pacific FSI, covered "Resilience in the Age of Digital Innovations," focusing on business resilience in the digital era.

  • Naaman Lee, COO of JurisTech, explored "Thriving in the New Era of Innovation," discussing strategies for enterprises.

  • Chin Min Fei, CEO of Cardzone, presented on "Making Payment Systems More Inclusive," emphasizing technology's role in fostering inclusivity. 

    These brief presentations collectively enriched the forum, providing varied insights into fintech's current landscape and adaptive strategies for the dynamic financial sector.

    Envisioning the Future

    The 2024 Asia Financial Leaders Forum concluded on a triumphant note, as participants collectively envisioned a dynamic future for the fintech sector. The forum served not only as a platform for in-depth discussions among industry experts but also as a visionary architect, meticulously sketching a clear blueprint for the future development of the financial industry. The event's success delivered unique strategic insights to all attendees, promising to inject new vitality into financial practices.

    As the curtains gracefully fall on this forum, the shared knowledge, diverse perspectives, and forward-thinking strategies imparted during the event stand as potent catalysts for shaping a resilient and innovative future in finance. Expressing heartfelt gratitude to all participants, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the transformative application of these insights in the dynamic realm of fintech. Stay tuned for an ongoing journey of updates and explorations into the forefront of financial innovation.

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