Sunline Big Data Business Walked Thousands of Miles towards Becoming a Standard-setter!
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Digitalization is the new trend and standardization should follow the trend of the digital age. We must accelerate the digitalization of standards and support the construction of a more convenient, efficient and inclusive digital era with more complete, better and higher standards.

- 2022 World Standards Day China's message (excerpt)


Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain... The speed of digital technology, the scope of its radiation, and the depth of impact are unprecedented. Standardization in the digital age is playing an irreplaceable fundamental role. 

In 2021, the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council published the “National Standardization Development Outline”, making it very clear that "standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development, and are an important aspect of the country's basic system." Standardization plays a fundamental and leading role in promoting the modernization of national governance systems and governance capabilities.

To further promote digital transformation in the financial industry, it is necessary to standardize data processing processes to highlight the value of data business, and build a standardized, process-based, integrated, and automated data governance system to ensure that the data architecture is reasonably planned, the data processing is clearly organized, the data assets can be inherited, ensuring the entire data production and consumption process can be effectively controlled. Therefore, formulating and implementing feasible supporting data standards to provide a strong guarantee and foundation for data elements is an important topic that all financial forces need to work together to promote.

Vigorously carrying out standardization work, leading the high-quality development of the industry

As a domestic financial technology leader, Sunline is committed in making "latent knowledge explicit and explicit knowledge standardized" by actively promoting collaboration with relevant institutions in the industry and domestic standardization organizations, driving a healthy and orderly development of the industry. 

In 2022, Sunline participated in the compilation of three reports and standard guidelines, namely the Financial Data Warehouse Development White Paper, the Financial Application Alliance Chain Technology Privacy Protection Research Report, and the Quantitative Evaluation Specification for Data Capabilities in the Financial Industry, covering different fields such as data architecture, data warehouse, and privacy computing, implementing standardization strategies with practical actions to lead the high-quality development of the industry.  

  • Financial Data Warehouse Development White Paper released by the Institute of Financial Informatization 

As a representative of excellent enterprises in the financial technology industry and the company’s rich experience in data warehouse construction, Sunline was invited to participate in the compilation of the data warehouse construction strategy chapter of the Financial Data Warehouse Development White Paper. The report systematically sorts out the development history of data warehouse, deeply analyzes the application of data warehouse in the financial industry, and puts forward seven key technologies and ten development trends of financial data warehouse, providing references and guidelines for financial institutions to build, upgrade and optimize their data warehouse.

  • "Financial Application Alliance Chain Technology Privacy Protection Research Report" released by Beijing Fintech Industry Alliance

As a member of the Beijing Fintech Industry Alliance, Sunline participated in the compilation of the "Financial Application Alliance Chain Technology Privacy Protection Research Report". Focusing on the practical cases of combining alliance chain and privacy computing in joint risk control modeling and anti-money laundering, the report explored the application value of cutting-edge technologies in the financial industry, and providing reference for the application of alliance chain technology in privacy protection of the financial industry.

  • Beijing Fintech Industry Alliance "Quantitative Evaluation Specification of Financial Industry Data Capability"

Combining practical experience in the fields of data governance and data quality improvement in the financial industry, Sunline was invited to participate in the compilation of the "Quantitative Evaluation Specification for Data Capability in the Financial Industry". Focusing on the hierarchical quantitative evaluation indicators of capabilities in various data fields and based on national standards and industry standards, the report combs and formulates relevant standards and specifications.

In addition, Sunline has also participated in the compilation of the "Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Service Capability Maturity Evaluation Reference Model" and "Financial Data Security Scoring Guide" in recent years. Among them, the "Financial Data Security Scoring Guide" was led by the People's Bank of China, with the participation of many domestic banks and technology companies. Sunline provided practical experience references by combining rich practice cases in the financial industry to provide suggestions for the preparation of standards such as data asset classification, data security level rules, and data security rating specifications. The "Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Service Capability Maturity Evaluation Reference Model" was initiated by the China Electronics Standardization Institute, which condensed industrial strength and cluster advantages to promote artificial intelligence standardization work.

Moving from more than just system co-builders towards becoming a standard-setter

Promoting standardization is a work that requires long-term accumulation and hard work, and is not achieved overnight.

  • Walked thousands of miles, doubling product + market reputation

Sunline data products have provided tailor-made consulting and landing practical services for nearly 300 financial institutions such as China Development Bank, Agricultural Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Everbright Bank, Ping An Bank, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Nanjing, etc., implemented and delivered more than 1,000 cases of various projects, enjoying a high reputation in the industry and fully recognized by customers.

Industry authority with strong guarantee of a professional team

In addition to serving as a member of the Big Data Governance Sub-committee of China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association, DAMA China Sub-branch, and Huawei Kunpeng Intelligent Data Alliance Big Data Industry Promotion Group, Sunline has officially become a DCMM (Data Management Maturity Assessment) assessment organization, and has a data product development and consulting planning team composed of high-end talents and senior experts. Among them, some team members have obtained a series of authoritative certifications such as "Data Governance Industry Expert", "DAMA CDMP Data Management Professional Certification", "Senior System Architect", "Huawei Software Engineer Certification", "Jushan SCDA Data Engineer Certification", and "Transwarp Big Data Platform Certified Architect".

In the past two years, Sunline has successively participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards, which is a testimony to Sunline's strength in the field of big data, and is also a self-precipitation after 20 years of practical experience in data consulting services and product research and development, and is also a steady and big step taken by Sunline from a single system builder to a standard-setter. 

In the future, Sunline will continue to implement the National Standardization Development Outline, deeply participating in the preparation of relevant technical standards in the domestic financial industry, giving full play to the basic and strategic role of standardization in the construction of the financial industry data field, and leading a healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the industry with enterprise-level data intelligent products, multi-scenario data solutions and high-level big data technology.


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