Sunline Receives Commendation Letter from China Power Finance While on a Mission to Create a Big Data Platform Benchmark Case for Financial Companies
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Recently, Sunline received a letter of commendation from China Power Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Power Finance"). In the letter, China Power Finance thanked and recognizes Sunline for its outstanding contribution to the construction of the finance company’s big data system in 2022. Sunline's project team shown immense courage and hard work especially in the face of many difficulties under the epidemic, which was highly praised by China Power Finance.  

Sunline joined hands with China Power Finance to build a big data platform 

In 2019, China Power Finance launched its big data blueprint plan, aiming to build a shared application channel through financial business data through the big data platform, break down the data barriers of different formats, give play to the agglomeration and value-added role of financial big data, realizing effective integration and in-depth application of data resources. With the blessing of Sunline's big data product and service capabilities, after 4 years, the two sides have worked together to achieve a series of fruitful results every step of the way, from in-depth status quo research, panoramic blueprint planning, basic big data platform construction to strengthening data governance and deepening data application, building a big data platform of "integration flow and batch, integration of data lakehouses", creating an industry-leading data management system, and effectively helping the construction of digital finance.  

  • One data pool 

The big data platform integrates the data of the company's major business systems and accesses external data, realizing the vertical and horizontal saturation of data, breaking professional barriers. 

  • Two sets of management systems 

The platform established the company's data standard system, implemented data model, and built an index library, formulating more than 10 management systems, including the Implementation Rules for Data Management and the Implementation Rules for Data Standard Management to comprehensively build the company's data management system and provide comprehensive guarantees for implementing data management responsibilities and improving data quality. 

  • Three unifications 

Adopting the advanced architecture of "integration of flow and batch, integration of data lakehouses”, the big data platform fully incorporates structured data to gradually enriches unstructured data access, unifies quasi-real-time and real-time data calculation, and realizes internal and external data application to achieve "unified source, unified standard, unified provision". 

  • Four major applications 

The platform is built for four categories of applications: internal management applications, real-time monitoring applications, regulatory reporting applications, and external data applications, to meet the needs of multi-data application scenarios such as business operation analysis and regulatory reporting.  

Working together in the field of big data for many years, the letter of appreciation from China Power Finance is an affirmation and a huge encouragement for Sunline. Although the road to digital transformation for financial companies still has a long way to go, Sunline has been exploring and advancing how to build big data platform into a hub for data fusion and interaction, a platform for data value monetization, and a tool for data sharing and co-construction. 

Building a financial data platform system that activates the financial intelligence transformation engine 

In February 2022, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council issued a guide on Accelerating the Construction of a World-class Financial Management System by Central Enterprises, which attaches great importance to "improving the intelligent and forward-looking financial digital intelligence system", requiring all enterprises to unify data specifications, avoid data silos, maintain data assets, and activate data value. "Data" has become the core asset element of financial digital transformation, but compared to commercial banks, financial companies are subject to factors such as late start, different business nature, etc., and there is still a big gap in big data capacity building. 

In order to dig deep into the value of data and effectively feedback the business, the establishment of an enterprise-level big data platform to comprehensively collect data, standardize data models, unify the indicator system, and expand data application scenarios has become an inevitable choice for the digital transformation of financial companies. 

Since 2016, Sunline has provided big data products and services for nearly 20 financial companies, and has successfully implemented more than 30 cases, covering big data blueprint planning, basic data platform construction, data warehouse construction, data application expansion, data governance consulting and implementation, etc. Based on years of practice accumulation and summary, Sunline has formed a deep understanding of the business operation, data flow direction and organizational structure of financial companies, and polished a set of enterprise-level big data platform construction solutions suitable for financial company industry scenarios.  

Sunline's enterprise-level big data platform solution 

Sunline divides the big data platform of financial companies into five layers: data acquisition and exchange, data integration and storage, data application, data asset management, and platform general capabilities. 

  • Data acquisition and exchange 

Establish two channels – offline and real-time acquisition to realize business structured data, offline manual ledger data, group data, and external data acquisition and storage based on Sunline's data exchange platform, data supplementary recording platform and external data management platform, gradually incorporating unstructured data such as contracts and vouchers into data platform management to realize unified data acquisition, unified storage and unified processing as well as lay the foundation for breaking data silos that realizes horizontal penetration and vertical penetration of data 

  • Data storage consolidation 

Through reasonable data stratification, efficient data processing, storage and service can be realized. Among them, integration model layer is the key and pain point of data system construction. Sunline draws on the best practices of commercial banks, and combines the business characteristics of financial companies to finally form seven areas covering all the main businesses of financial companies: scenarios, funds, agreements, products, resources, customers and public 

  • Data applications 

Data application is a window to the value of data, and metrics are the core of data application. In order to unify the caliber of indicators and improve the ability of indicator sharing, Sunline sorted out and established standards for indicators in various fields of financial companies, forming two major indicator systems, offline and real-time, covering topics such as deposits, loans, settlement, intermediate business, capital business, finance, and investment business. In addition, it supports the data usage needs of application scenarios such as control, risk control, regulatory compliance, and financial performance through a variety of data display forms, including fixed data reports, multi-dimensional analysis, visual large screens, intelligent retrieval, mobile terminal quasi-real-time and real-time query. 

  • Data asset management 

Combined with the industry's advanced data management concepts, Sunline's data asset management platform improves the data management system of financial companies, deepen the functions of the data management system, build a complete enterprise-level data view, and regularly carry out data quality verification to help the maximize the efficient implementation of data governance. 

  • Platform common capabilities 

Compared with the establishment of a large data operations and maintenance team, building an efficient development and operation platform to unify code specifications and improve development efficiency has become the preferred choice of financial companies. Sunline's data development platform can provide a complete set of data processing control functions for project implementation including data acquisition, data loading, data processing, data unloading, etc. Enterprise scheduling platform unifies the scheduling, monitoring and management of all the company's systems and batch tasks, and improves the safety and stability of the system batch by statistically analyzing the batch data 

In the future, Sunline will continue to work with more financial companies to further expand the application of financial big data, playing the two-wheel driver role of "technology + data" to promote the high-quality development of the entire industry chain. 

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